How To Make Your Child Talk

How To Make Your Child Talk

How To Make Your Child Talk The bubbly words of babies give immense pleasure to parents. If your child is not saying words properly, sometimes you may fear that some disorder with speech can be the cause. 

Added to your anxiety and fear, the people around you,  put more oil to the fire,  by speaking negatively about your child’s development.  Sometimes, they may give a hint that,  your child is not developed psychologically up to the standards.

A hue of relief is necessary for parents to understand their child initially from various angles,  by keeping aside what others speak.  As such, the best compliment or complaint about a child’s development will be always from a mother,  because,  nobody else can judge other’s child,  as correctly  as his or her mother. Same thing is true even with respect to your child talking.

The first thing that I want to suggest in the present context is,

Do Not Worry

Yes, absolutely it is a fact.  If your child is playing well and eating healthy food, I don’t think that,  you need to put a sorry face,  if your child is not talking.

The second point is one to one communication. Therefore,

Talk To Your Child Before  He Talks

The only way of learning for your child is by observing parents. Usually, girls tend to follow what their moms do and boys imitate their dads’ deeds. So, if you have a baby boy, dads please speak to them, to please your sons and the same thing applies to moms. Though, your baby can not answer or respond to your queries or words,  he will surely register them in the brain and one day,  you will be amazed to see him alking what you talk.

Make Your Baby To Utter The Names Of  His Favorites

I am sure that, your baby wants to have his favorite toys like mickey mouse, Barbie doll, Thomas train etc;  with him while sleeping.  Likewise,  his favorite foods such as ice creams, chocolates, biscuits and so on, will also occupy a place in his subconscious mind and he may even bother you repeatedly to feed them by uttering their names in bits and pieces.  Now,  you can raise one question to yourself that,  when he is able to pronounce the names of dolls and favorite foods,  why cannot he utter other words and sentences thereafter.

Does Your Baby Address You

This is an important thing that every parent should know. If your child is speaking the words of mom and dad, then don’t worry.  Else,  it is a cautious signal,  even if the symptoms persist, after your baby reaches 2 years of age.

Speak May Be Delayed Some Times

If some children can speak from the age of one year,  few may not talk properly even up to the age of 4 years. The reason can be hereditary also. Still,  you can observe your child from various other perspectives to understand his psychological growth.  Estimating the intelligence of children based on their talk flow , is a trivial issue very often.  Sometimes,  it is a point of concern.