How To Make Thai Chicken Satay

How To Make Thai Chicken Satay

How To Make Thai Chicken Satay Satay is a dish of marinated or skewered meat served with a sauce. The common sauce used is a peanut sauce. Satay normally consists of beef, pork, chicken, mutton or even tofu.

These are grilled or barbecued over a low fire and then served with spicy seasonings and sauces. Satay is a very popular local dish in Thailand and Indonesia. It is also a low calorie dish as it is grilled or barbecued on wood charcoal with very little oil.

This makes it a healthy and nutritious recipe. You can try making it at home with a conventional oven as it comes out very well. It can be served as an incredible appetizer. Here is a simple recipe for chicken satay.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 6

Calories per Serving: 280 calories


400 gms of boneless chicken cut into bite sized pieces
6 bamboo skewers that are soaked in water for some time to prevent them from burning

For Marinade

1 table spoon of salt
½-tea spoon of red chilli powder
2 tea spoons of brown sugar
1 table spoon of lemon juice
2 table spoons of soya sauce
8-10 flakes of garlic – crushed to a paste
2 table spoons of oil
1 ½ tea spoon of jeera powder,
1 ½ tea spoon of dhania powder
3-4 table spoons of coconut milk

For Pea Nut Sauce

¼ cup of roasted, salted peanuts
1/ 2 tea spoon of salt
4-5 flakes of garlic
1 tea spoon of oil
½-tea spoon of red chilli powder
1 tea spoon of sugar
1 ½-tea spoon of lemon juice
1 tea spoon of soya sauce
1 cup of coconut milk


Mix all the marinade ingredients thoroughly, add the chicken pieces to it and mix very well. Leave for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator. Thread the marinated chicken pieces onto oiled wooden skewers. Leave behind the marinade. Cook in a pre heated grill at 230 degrees Celsius for 10-11 minutes, turning them once in between and basting them with the remaining marinade.

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Alternately, heat a non-stick  flat tawa and grease it slightly with a few drops of oil and place the skewered chicken, a few at a time. Cook them on high heat turning them frequently. Cook them until they are soft. To make the peanut sauce grind the peanuts with the salt to form a rough powder.

Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Add the crushed garlic and sauté it well until it turns brown. Reduce heat and add the red chilli powder. Add only half a cup of the coconut milk, boiling it while stirring. Cook for 2-3 minutes on low heat. Stir in the crushed peanuts, sugar, lemon juice and soya sauce and the remaining half-cup of coconut milk. Boil this and let it simmer for five minutes.

Stir occasionally to prevent it from sticking to the sides of the pan. Turn off the gas and transfer this sauce to a bowl. Serve the satay accompanied with the peanut sauce. Make sure you heat the satay in the oven on gradual heat so that it does not burn or become too dry. Keep basting the chicken pieces with oil and marinade so that they remain scrumptious. This can be served as a snack before the main meal.