How To Make Smokey Eyes With Makeup

How To Make Smokey Eyes

How To Make Smokey Eyes The classic smokey eye makeup has been a popular style for a long time now. Proper blending of colours is the key to perfect this look. You need to make sure that the colours are flawlessly blended together. Also, it is vital to combine light base shades along with rich dark colours like for instance, the soft gold base goes well with purple, peach base with a green shade and champagne base is perfect with bright blue.

Tips to Attain Smokey Eyes

Things Required

Eye primer, Eyeliner, 2 eye shadows – One Dark and One light, Makeup Brushes and Mascara

Prepare the Eye Lid

The eyelids must be kept oil-free and this is the key in keeping the eye shadow from dissolving into the crease of your eyelid, as the day continues. To begin with, apply a layer of foundation on the lids. The option is to use a base of concealer or primer, which would help the makeup to stay for a longer duration and appears more vibrant and bolder. Now, apply a flesh-coloured powder or shadow. You can use a light shimmer for a fancy look.

Apply Eyeliner

For a typical gray, brown or black smokey eye look, apply the eyeliner in these colours on the upper lash line. Draw the line thicker and wide in the center of the eye. In case, you have chosen a jewel-toned look, then line your eyes with deep green, blue or purple liner. Using the pencil, trace the lash line.

smokey eyes makeup tips

Work from inside and then make it thicker at the end. If you wish your smoky eyes to appear frisky then draw on the inner rims too. This will give a definition to your eyes and more wow factor. Blend it with a cotton bud or a Q tip, as the heaviness could make it appear unfeminine and clumsy.

Blend the Shade on the Bottom Lashes

This is the key to smokey eye look and for the colour at the bottom of the lashes, you can use an eyeliner pencil, as they are easy to smudge. After drawing the line, smudge it with your finger tips. A bit of shadow can also be applied to achieve the full smudge effect.

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Application of Light Base Colour

Pairing a lighter base along with darker shade is the key to attain the fabulous smokey eye makeup. A cream colour shade will be perfect for the base. Apply a shimmery and light shadow over your eyelids up to the brow bone.

Merge the Darker Hue

Keep the darker shade below the crease line. After the application of the base as well as eyeliner, it is time to go for the smokey effect.

tips on smokey eye makeup

With the help of an eye shadow brush blend in the darker shade beginning at the lash line and then blending upwards. Ensure to blend the shade properly on the lash line, so that the liner disappears. Stop the darker shade at the crease line. It is vital to blend in the right manner to attain the perfect look.

Complete the Look With Mascara

You need to apply several coats of mascara, so that the lashes are dark and thick. If your lashes are not curled and long then use the lash curler to curl them. You can also try purple or blue mascara.

Make smouldering eyes the highlight of your look. This classic smokey effect is best for everyone and will enhance your look admirably.