How To Make Indian Poori

How To Make Indian Poori

How To Make Indian Poori Yearning for a poori never quells down-whether you are on empty stomach or have just finished eating a horse, you can still manage to take it in. Its puffiness is what makes it appeal to your gustatory modality.

Relished mostly with aloo-sabzi and mango pickle, a poori is perfect for every festivity and jubilation. The modus operandi is quiet simple; start with smooth dough; do the right amount of frying and nibble them hot.

Ingredients for a Poori

2 cups wheat flour
½ cup all purpose flour (maida)
Nearly ½ a cup milk/water
Salt to taste
½ cup cooking oil

Prepare them

Start with dough making. In a bowl, pour some wheat flour and maida flour. Add 2-3 tsp of cooking oil to the bowl and start kneading by adding small quantity of milk. You can knead with water also, but milk imparts extra smoothness to the mass. Do not pour milk all at once; do it gradually while taking care of the softness of the dough. Keep in mind-the dough must not be too slippery or you shall not be able to roll it into poori.

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Mold, press and stretch the dough until a uniform mass is formed. You can use the dough as soon as it is formed or keep it aside for about half an hour, covered with a damp cloth. Keeping for some time makes the mass coalesce well with milk/water.

The dough now becomes ready to be rolled down. Pull out a small portion of the dough and roll it to make a ball (smaller than a tennis ball). Smear some oil over the ball and start rolling it. To do that, place it over a perfectly flat surface or belan; press a bit with hand, and stretch it with a rolling pin. Roll to make a 4-5 inches circular shape. Do not overdo as extremely thin pooris are too crunchy-crispy in taste and you definitely won’t want that.

Keep the rolled poori over a big flat plate. Roll as many pooris as you want and accumulate all of them on this plate. Do not keep them one above the other-just place them so as they cover the entire area.

As you are done with the rolling part, be ready for frying. In a kadhai or non-stick pan, heat oil. Make sure that the oil is too hot to cook the pooris properly. For this, all you have to do is to throw a bit of dough in oil; if the dough rises immediately to the top, it means oil is ready for frying. But don’t overheat the oil or pooris will not puff at all and become too crispy to be relished.

Place a rolled poori in oil; as soon as it is dropped in, start ladling oil over its top with the help of a spatula-this is essential for making them swell. As one side turns golden brown, flip it and let the other side cook too.

Fry other pooris in the same way. Place them over a paper towel to drain off excess oil from them.

Enjoy them hot with aloo masala, mint or coconut chutney, and mango pickle. .