How To Make Homemade Indoor Fountain

Ways To Make Homemade Indoor Fountain

Indoor fountains have made their way into our homes and work places. According to Fenshui, it is believed to be an embodiment of wealth and sustainability. Most of us enjoy the soothing sound of water flowing, which fills us with a feeling of peace and tranquility.

These fountains can be personalized to suit ones taste and also help a great deal in coordinating with our home decor. They manage to create an aesthetic and dramatic effect on our interiors, and have a relaxing effect on our minds after a long days work. The indoor table top fountains are very expensive, making it unaffordable to the common man. But to build a low budget table top fountain, all that you need is a little bit of creativity, a few decorative embellishments, and about an hour of your spare time.

Homemade Indoor Fountain to Adorn Your Living Room



First and foremost select a decorative ceramic/glass bowl/ leak-proof container/, vase/ planters, / or, wooden boxes as the main container, with a depth and diameter of at least six inches. Ensure the container does not have any drain holes on it. If by chance there are any holes, fill it up with some chemical clay and allow it to dry as per the instructions of the product. A waterproof container can also be placed inside the bowl, and these can be hidden with pebbles, rocks plants and stones.  To prevent damage to the tabletop, you can place the bowl on a protective mat.

Submersible water Pump/Tubing

Submersible water Pump-Tubing

Then the second most important thing is to buy plastic tubing, and a small submersible water pump, that has an output of less than 100 gallons an hour. These are easily available in aquarium shops, hardware stores and also on the internet. A water pump, preferably with suction cups at the bottom would be a wise choice for you, as they would remain immovable inside the fountain. To direct the flow of water, plastic tubing, with an outer diameter of 5/8”and an inner diameter of 1/2” is required. Pass the electric wire of the pump, over the side of the bowl, thus sending it to the back of the container. To hide the wire, you can also entwine plants over it which would only enhance the beauty of the fountain. Then fill the bowl with adequate water, and always remember to keep the water level above the small water pump, lest it burns. Turn on the pump and ensure that it is in good working condition . To one end of the tube, you can attach the pump spout. With the help of a sharp knife cut the tubing to a length that would accommodate the height of your container.

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Finally customize it with decorations to suit your personal taste and preference. You can fill the bowl with beads, marbles or rocks. You can also add some nitty -gritty glass trinkets, crystals, mirror, plants or shells. Adjust the flow of water, and the position of the rocks by turning on the pumps. You can increase or decrease water sound, by adding a few more pebbles or rocks on the water path. Keep adjusting till you achieved the desired effects.



Maintenance is an aspect, much more than building a fountain. Whenever the water level goes down, keep filling it with a supply of fresh water. Take out the pump from the fountain and clean it up once in 3 months. Bleach the water regularly to avoid formation of moss and algae and this will also keep your fountain clean. During the cleaning process you can rearrange or try changing the decorations, to suit your mood and style. Just try out these simple steps, and hey presto…have a stunning looking indoor fountain, much to your neighbors envy!