How To Make Homemade Biscuits From Scratch

How To Make Homemade Biscuits From Scratch

How To Make Homemade Biscuits From Scratch Do you remember since when have you been friendly with the yummy, sweetened, and fluffy companion of yours- biscuit? Its super-soft texture, ever ready to get melted in your mouth, and crispiness are too tempting to resist.

Nibbled as cookies, oatcakes, cream crackers and several other savory forms, biscuit making seems an almost inexecutable task to most of us, but, in fact, it is not that difficult. It is just a simple procedure-no elaborate preparations on your part or awful hours sweating in kitchen. And yes, you can still have all that flakiness, so typical of biscuits, retained. So let’s start it.

All That You Need

2 cups flour (all purpose flour)
¾ cup milk
½  tsp salt
¼ cup shortening or ½ tsp butter
½ tsp baking powder
Sugar to taste

In addition, You Will Require:

A rolling pin
A biscuit cutter
A cookie sheet
A baking pan

What To Do With These?

Sift all purpose flour. To it, add baking powder, sugar, and salt. Mix them well with a ladle or spoon. Now, add shortening or frozen butter to the flour. Use either shortening or butter, but not both. Use your hands to blend butter thoroughly with the flour.

Gently add milk to the flour; start kneading it to make the dough. Make sure that the dough is not too hard or soft.

Over a clean, flat surface, pour some flour and spread it. Now place the kneaded flour over it. Blend the dough again (at least 5-6 times), so that all the ingredients are mixed well.

With the help of a rolling pin, start spreading the dough. Start from the center and roll so wide that the dough becomes ½ inches in thickness.

With the help of a biscuit cutter (having a diameter of about 2 inches), cut the circular shapes of the biscuits. You can also use tip of a drinking glass to do so.

Grease a baking pan and place the cut cookies over it. Let the biscuits bake in an oven. Set the temperature of the microwave to about 420-425 degree Celsius. Baking should be continued for about 15 minutes.

Whatever dough is left behind, knead it once, roll, and cut shapes. Repeat the earlier procedure with these shapes.

Once done, place all the baked biscuits over a cookie sheet and freeze in a refrigerator.

For Super Flakiness

If you are looking for crispiness, using shortening instead of butter is recommended; this will also keep your cookies fresh for a longer period. But, butter flavored biscuits are more scrumptious. so, the choice is all yours.

Using the frozen butter, instead of the melted one is another way of keeping the flakiness. The fact is that the ice-cold butter melts only when cookies are baked in oven and not before that; this helps in creating layers inside the cookies.

Using buttermilk instead of milk gives extra rise to the dough, but nothing can replace the traditional mouthwatering taste of milk. Once again, the choice is all yours.

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