How To Make French Toast

French toast is a very popular breakfast dish in Europe and North America. It has various names which change according to the places, but the origin of the name “French toast” is not yet confirmed.

French Toast

However, French toast is a very simple recipe that is traditionally made using stale bread. French toasts can be prepared pretty easily and served with maple syrup, powdered sugar or berries for a perfect everyday breakfast meal.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings Per Recipe: 8
Time Required For Preparation: 10 minutes
Time Required For Cooking: 15-20 minutes

Required Ingredients:

8 slices of French bread
4 large eggs
Maple syrup
½ cup of milk or half-and-half
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
3 tablespoons of butter, cooking spray or margarine
3 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
Fresh berries (raspberry, blackberry and strawberry)

Required Appliances

1 skillet
1 wire whisk
1 flat head spatula
1 large bowl

Method Of Preparation:

1. Take the skillet and place it over the hob. Now light the stove and set it on high. Add the butter, margarine or oil to the skillet and once the butter melts, tilt the skillet gently to coat the entire skillet with the oil or melted butter. Wait for the oil to get heated up. In the meantime, take a bowl and crack open the eggs in that. Add the ground cinnamon and the vanilla extract to the eggs and then whisk the eggs with a wire whisk, until all the added ingredients are nicely blended.

margarine or oil to the skillet

2. Now take one of the bread slices and dip it in the eggs mixture. Flip the bread slice to coat the other side as well and let the bread sit in the egg mixture for a few seconds. Once the oil starts steaming, gently pick up the bread slice and shake it to discard the excess dripping egg from it. And then finally transfer the bread slice to the heated skillet. Turn down the flame to medium and coat and soak another bread slice in the same manner and place it beside the other bread slice in the skillet, if your skillet is large enough to hold two bread slices at a time.

dip it in the eggs mixture

3. Fry the breads until the egg mixture on top turns into a golden brown color and then flip the bread slices with a flat head spatula to cook the other side as well. You may drizzle a little egg mixture on top of each bread slice at this point of time to make it more attractive. Fry the other side until it turns golden brown as well. Once done, transfer the fried French toasts to a serving plate and fry the other bread slices in the same procedure. Once all the bread slices are fried, sprinkle little ground cinnamon on top of each and serve the French toasts with as much maple syrup and as many berries as you like.

fry the other bread slices


1. If you are using butter or margarine, make sure that they are at room temperature, or they will take more time to melt.

2. Eggs can be blended better and more easily if they are left to sit at room temperature at least 20 minutes before whisking them.

3. French toasts were originally made from stale bread. So, try to use stale bread if you can.

4. Harder breads like baguettes are better for making French toasts, as they can be soaked in egg mixture for a longer duration than factory made breads.