How To Make Dumplings Quick and Easy


Dumplings Dumplings are an integral part of Oriental and Asian cuisine. Apart from the Chinese, the European, American and people in the Middle Eastern countries also make some or the other form of dumplings. Dumplings refer to balls of dough that are filled with vegetables, meat or even sweet fillings like chocolate.

They are cooked by baking, boiling, steaming or frying. Dumplings are either served as starters or finger foods, used in soups or stew or served as a dessert. Making dumplings at home is quite simple and this easy dish is not only delicious but also quite healthy as well. Here is a simple and quick recipe for making dumplings at home.


Two cups of All purpose flour
Three Teaspoons of Baking powder
One cup of milk
Half a teaspoon of salt
One teaspoon sugar
One egg beaten
Boiling stew or broth

Method Of Preparation

1. In a large mixing bowl add the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Add the milk slowly into the bowl and mix to make soft dough. Apart from these basic ingredients you can also use grated cheddar cheese, butter or cornmeal for better taste and flavor.

2. To make a stew for the dumplings combine chicken pieces with four cups of water, pepper, slat, bay leaves and onions. Once this is cooked add vegetables like celery and carrots along with some mushrooms. Cook the stew and then remove the vegetables and chicken before adding the dumplings.

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3. Place a large cooking pan filled with stew on heat and bring it to a boil. Make soft round balls of the prepared dough and slowly add it to the stew. Make sure that you do not throw in the dough balls with force or you can end up splatters of the boiling stew on your hands. You can also use a round teaspoon to scoop out the dough and add it to the stew or broth.

4. Once you are done, cover the pot with a lid and let the dumplings cook on simmering heat for around fifteen minutes. Do not lift the lid while the dumplings are cooking. After 15 minutes scoop out the dumplings into a plate and check if they are cooked properly. You can now serve the dumplings with chicken soup or the stew in which they were cooked. Serve the chicken and vegetables along with the dumpling stew.


This is a basic recipe of dumplings. Over the years there have been countless variations of this dish. Chinese dumplings for example are made with fillings such as ground pork, chicken or lamb along with Chinese cabbage, spices such as salt, pepper and cornstarch. Mix the ingredients to make the filling. Roll the small balls of dumpling dough to make paper thin wrapping. Add the filling to the wrapping, slowly fold the sides and crimp the edges with wet fingers to seal the filling within. Place the dumplings in hot water to boil them. Alternately you can also deep fry the dumplings or steam them in a steamer. Serve the tasty dumplings with spicy sauces.

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