How To Make Dosa Batter

How To Make Dosa Batter

How To Make Dosa Batter Dosa is a very common but the most delicious south Indian recipe. Most of the dosas go through fermentation process before going to get cooked. As per science fermentation process increases the vitamin B and vitamin C content. Though it is a common street food but I prefer a homemade dosa as it is hygienic.

Ingredients For Making Dosa Batter

1 cup of boiled rice
1 cup rice
1 tsp methi seeds
1 cup of urad dal
1 tsp butter
Salt to taste

Method For Making Dosa Batter

Soak all the ingredients except butter in abundant water for 8 hours. Drain the water and grind the ingredients together in a mixer/grinder. Cover the batter and leave it in a dark place  for 6-8 hours, till it rises and looks puffy in texture. Now add salt and mix gently. Heat the tava on medium flame and grease with butter.

Take some batter and pour over the hot tava, spreading it evenly. Once the batter starts firming, carefully peel it off the tava and your dosa is ready. You can have dosa either with sambhar , coconut chutney or both.

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Types Of Dosas:

I have been to Chennai last year and stayed there about a month. I saw a lot of varieties of dosas even I did some experiments. Here are the categories of dosas:

Sada Dosa: Sada dosa is also known as plain dosa and it is served with no stuffing.

Masala Dosa: Masala Dosa is served with a filling of boiled potatoes, onion. This is my all time favourite dosa.

Butter Dosa: I guess Butter dosa is an experiment of a north Indian guy. This Dosa is cooked in butter instead of oil.

Rava Dosa: If you are hungry and need an instant south Indian recipe than Rava dosa is perfect for you. It is made with rava or semolina. It is a quick recipe as it doesn’t need fermentation.

Paper Dosa: Paper dosa resembles me a piece of paper. I guess it is named as paper dosa because of its thin frail. This dosa is very skinny and can be spread over 2 feet.

Mysore Dosa: Mysore dosa is also known as Bangalore dosa. This dosa has a base of red chutney on the surrounded face. It gives a feeling one of the spicy dosas.

Tips For Making Dosa Batter

1) If you prefer your dosas crispy, add a spoonful of poha while soaking the ingredients for dosa batter.

2) If you prefer your dosas soft, add an extra handful of boiled rice to the already ground batter.

3) If the dosa batter is too thick, add ice-cubes instead of water – this will ensure that the dosas are thin and crispy.

4) Ensure that the tava is not very hot when you spread the dosa batter, dosas made on hot tava will turn out thick.

5) Rubbing the tava with a small piece of onion will make it easy to remove the dosa off the griddle.

Dosa is one of delicious south Indian recipes. The best part of dosa is that you can make it at your home and keep your kids and family members happy. Keep posting your ideas or comments. Till then Happy Eating!!!

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