How To Make Delicious Avocado Salsa

It’s rare to find a person who has tasted salsa and not become instantly addicted to its spicy, heady flavor. You can team salsa with just about anything including tortilla chips, potatoes, black beans or steamed broccoli. Salsa can add zest to even the blandest of dishes. Today, people across the globe enjoy eating the hot and spicy Mexican salsa.

About Salsa

The word salsa has been derived from the Spanish language and basically means a sauce. In fact, the literal translation of the word salsa is something that is extremely salty. Salsa has become extremely popular in the United Sates since the last ten years. In fact, most Americans prefer to add flavor to their dishes with salsa sauce instead of the regular ketchup.

Although there are many variations to the original salsa, most Americans recognize salsa as a tomato based spicy sauce which is the ideal dip for tortilla chips. The typical salsa which is sold commercially in the United States is generally prepared from onions, cilantro, jalapeno peppers and garlic.

Mexican salsa can be eaten as an appetizer or a snack. Most salsa, be it peach, avocado or mango salsa, is extremely easy to prepare and one can make a really good salsa in less than ten minutes. The typical Mexican salsa that most people enjoy eating today is not cooked. However, some recipes call for the tomatoes and the chilies, which go into making salsa, to be slightly charred or grilled to give the dish an exotic smoky flavor.

A variety of chilies including Serrano chilies, habaneros, guajillos, chipotes and jalapenos are what gives this dish its signature ‘picante’ or spicy flavor. While most salsas are robustly spicy you can even create mildly spiced salsa dishes. You can ‘up’ the heat quotient of your salsa dish by simply adding some extra jalapeños.


If you want to prepare Mexican salsa the traditional way, you have to use a mortar and a pestle. Today, most people can make a quickie salsa sauce using a blender. There are many variations to the original salsa sauce which was invented by the Mayans. Some of the popular salsas eaten today include salsa brava, salsa cruda, salsa roja, salsa verde, pineapple salsa, carrot salsa and mango salsa to name just a few.

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Serving Salsa

Salsa is normally served with pitta bread, tortilla chips, crudités or bred sticks. You can even use salsa as a spread and smear a small amount of it on fajitas, tacos and quesadillas to take these humble dishes to a whole new level.


Finely Diced Tomatoes – 1 cup
Fresh Cilantro Chopped Finely – ½ cup
Medium Ripe Avocado – 1
Red Onion Finely Chopped – 2tbsp
Fresh Lime Juice – 3tbsp
Sea salt – ¼ tsp
Garlic Clove Minced – 1
Jalapeno Peeper Seeded and Later Minced -1


1. Take a medium ripe avocado. Peel the skin and remove the pip.

2. Chop the avocado finely.

3. Take a large glass bowl and add the chopped avocadoes. Now add the chopped tomatoes and minced garlic clove. Give the ingredients a gentle stir.

4. Now add fresh lime juice, sea salt, finely chopped red onions and jalapeno peppers – which have been seeded and minced. Once again give the ingredients a gentle stir.

5. Finally add the chopped cilantro leaves and give the mixture a final stir. Delicious and spicy avocado salsa is ready to serve.