How To Make Chicken Samosa In Home

How To Make Chicken Samosa

Chicken samosa is a very delicious recipe. The recipe is as usual as ordinary samosa, the only difference is the stuffing. If you want you can use mutton instead of chicken. When you use mutton, first boil it before cooking as mutton take more time to be done. You can serve chicken samosa with tea or coffee. The ingredients used in this recipe are simple and easily available in market.

Here Are Ingredients And Recipe For Chicken Samosa

Chicken Samosa Ingredients

Chicken Kemah 200gm, Potato 400 gm, ginger paste 25 gms, garlic paste 30 gms, red chili powder 5 gm, cumin powder 5 gm, garam masala 5 gm, Salt and sugar according to taste, all purpose flour 300 gm, refined oil 500 gms(for deep frying and dough making)



How To Make Garam Masala Powder ?

Dry roast 2 cardamom, 1 cinnamon and 4 cloves all together in a pan and grind it in a fine powder. Your garam masala powder is ready for use. Store your garam masala powder in an air tight container to keep the aroma.

garam masala powder

How To Make The Dough ?

Take all purpose flour in a bowl to make the dough. Add salt, sugar to taste and also add refined oil and water in to it. Make the dough slightly hard. Cover the dough with a wet cloth before use it.


First peel the potato skin and then chop the potatoes in dices. Heat a nonstick pan and pour some oil in it. Fry the potato pieces in the oil. Now add the chicken kemah, ginger paste, garlic paste, cumin powder, red chili powder, salt and sugar according to taste into the pan. When the oil gets separated from the kemah and spices remove it from flame.

samosa filling

Divide the dough in equal portions. Roll them in circular pieces. Cut the circular pieces in the middle. Make cones from each of the cut pieces. Fill the cones with the kemah and potato stuffing. Now seal the open sides of the cones. If required apply little water when you seal the cones. Now heat the refined oil in a nonstick pan. Deep fry the samosas in medium heat.When the samosas get golden brown place them over paper towel and serve hot in a serving dish with salad.

serve it hot

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