How To Make A Thai Omelet Kai Jeow

How To Make A Thai Omelet Kai Jeow

How To Make A Thai Omelet Kai Jeow Kai Jeow, a fried omelet, is a traditional Thai dish which is eaten for lunch or dinner. A classic Thai comfort food, Kai Jeow is terribly underrated in the international food scene.

This omelet is generally eaten with sriracha sauce which is spicy, and has a slightly piquant taste. Some people enjoy eating kai jeow with nam prik which is a dipping sauce.

Kai Jeow, is to Thai people, what mashed potatoes and meat loaf is to American citizens. This simple dish is extremely easy to prepare and even small children in Thailand are taught to make a mean Kai Jeow. This brilliant dish can even be packed as a lunch time snack for children.

An Insight into Kai Jeow

As mentioned earlier, the Thai omelet Kai Jeow is typically served with a steaming bowl of fragrant Jasmine rice. In northern Thailand, Kai Jeow is eaten with a bowl of sticky rice. The sweetish slightly glutinous texture of sticky rice is the perfect accompaniment to Kai Jeow. A well fried Kai Jeow will be perfectly done with a slightly golden brown, savory crust.

Variations of Kai Jeow

The two main ingredients of a typical Kai Jeow are egg and fish sauce. However, there are many variations to this original recipe. To give a twist to the original recipe, chopped scallions can be added to the whisked eggs.

In another variation of the original Kai Jeow, ground pork is added to the beaten eggs and this version of Kai Jeow is called ‘Kai Jeow Moo Sub’. The Kai Jeow omelet can also be stuffed with tomatoes, onions and ground pork and this variant is called ‘Kai Jeow Yud Sai’.


Eggs – 3
Thai Fish Sauce – ½ tsp
Canola Oil – 1tsp
Sriracha Sauce – Optional


1. Take three large eggs and break them one by one into a big glass bowl.

2. Use a balloon whisk or a fork to beat the eggs till they become nice and frothy. Stop whisking when the egg mix becomes nice and airy. Now add half a teaspoon of fish sauce.

3. Take a medium sized wok and place it on the stove. On a high flame, heat the wok till it becomes red hot.

4. Next add a teaspoon or two of good quality canola oil. Let the oil become super hot, as the Kai Jeow will only get its golden crust if it is fried in super hot oil. When the oil starts to smoke, add a tiny drop of egg mixture into it. If the egg drop begins to sizzle, you can understand that the oil is just right for frying the eggs.

5. Pour the whisked egg mixture into the heated wok gently. Don’t pour the egg mixture all at once as the egg mix will become a lumpy mess.

6. After the omelet is partially done, use a wooden spatula to slowly lift the corners of the omelet from the wok. Now tilt the wok and allow the uncooked portions of the omelet to fall below. Keep repeating this process till one side of the omelet is totally done.

7. Use the wooden spatula to lift the omelet completely so you can examine the underside of the omelet. If the underside of the omelet is completely cooked and has a nice golden brown color, flip the omelet over, to allow the other side to cook as well.

8. Once the omelet is totally done, remove it from the wok and serve it with real sriracha sauce and a steaming hot bowl of fragrant jasmine rice.