How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Make A Long Distance Relationship Work In today’s world of casual one day flings and changing relationships, it has become quite difficult to hold onto loved ones, especially if a factor called ‘long distance’ comes into play.

As difficult it is to keep a relationship loving and active, it becomes all the more difficult to hold onto loved ones if the relationship tends to thrive only via phone calls, SMSes, emails, video chats etc.

The Issue With Long Distance Relationships

The most common issue with a long distance relationship is the feeling of loneliness that more often than not pushes couples to search for other, closer partners.

Added to this is the feeling of suspicion that tends to creep into the mind very easily if even a single phone call or message is missed out. Indeed, many otherwise strong relationships have bitten the dust after going long distance, thanks to these two factors.

When To Go ‘Long Distance’

Here’s a strong piece of advice for all of you out there who decide to opt for a long distance relationship. These kinds of relationship require extra time, effort and care to handle and nurture. So be sure that you can mete out all three conditions in excess if you want the relationship to survive.

Again, opt for a long distance relationship only if you are completely sure about your love and devotion to your partner, and are sure he/she returns your love with the same earnestness. This is the only way you can make the bond survive all the odds that accompany a long distance relationship.

Here Are Some Tips To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Ways To Keep The Romance Alive

As mentioned before, a long distance relationship requires additional effort and care to survive. And here are some essential tips to help you do just that!

Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Give Him/Her The Space That He/She Deserves

Trusting him/her is the greatest gift you can give your partner in a long distance relationship. The next best thing that you can gift him/her is some breathing space instead of hogging him/her with calls and messages every other minute of the day. Give him/her the freedom that he/she deserves while making sure you remain an essential part of his/her life.

Bury The Communication Gap

Long distance relationships are usually affected by communication gaps that tend to forge a rift between couples. This would with time turn out to be disastrous for the relationship and so needs to be handled deftly and immediately.

Keep communicating with your partner every chance you get. Share your happiness, sorrows, anger, fear and every other emotion you experience on a day to day basis. If there is something that is bothering you about his/her behavior, tell it out instead of keeping it to yourself.

Different Stages And Phases Of A Love Relationship

And if there happens to be a small rift, try to sort things out immediately instead of not speaking to each other for a few days, thinking the other person would probably call up and apologize first.

Ignorance and Negligence Can Spell Doom

You may be busy as hell! However, if you get a call from him/her, take at least a minute to let her know that you are busy and would definitely call him/her as soon as you finish the work. And take the extra time and effort to answer his/her calls, emails or messages no matter what time of the day you receive them.

Timely Visits

You may be on opposite sides of the world. However, that does not undermine the fact that a long distance relationship can survive on messages alone. Make it a point to visit your spouse at least once in 3 months to keep the romance alive in your relationship. You can alternate your visits with your partner wherein you visit him/her once and he/she visits you the next time.

Undivided Attention

What’s the point of visiting your loved one if he/she would not be able to spend time with you? Make sure that you plan out everything to perfection before you visit him/her or he/she visits you.

Fear Of Intimacy And Relationships

When you are together, make sure that all other priorities are put on the back burner, including personal and professional commitments. Take a break from work and inform your friends and family members about your plans. Make yourself free and shower your undivided attention for him/her as and when you get together after a long time.