How To Look Slimmer In Pictures

How To Look Slimmer In Pictures

How To Look Slimmer In Pictures We always try out different ways of how to look slimmer in pictures, so that we can attain that perfect figure in the picture which we long for in real.

When thinking about clicking a family portrait, you always wish to look perfect and along with it, you want to look slim. Now it depends on the photographer how you will look in the photograph. However, there are some tips and tricks on how to look slimmer in pictures. By keeping those tricks in mind, you can look slimmer than you actually are.

Some Tips and Tricks

It is rightly said that how a person will look in the picture depends on the person’s way of posing. Another fact also cannot be denied that it is the photographer’s magic that creates good photos. A good professional photographer can shoot a picture where you get the desired look.


Firstly, the most important thing that you need to know is that when posing for a photograph you must always stand in such a position so that you don’t look slouched. Stand straight and tall and put your shoulders back in a straight position. Such positions will make you look taller. Once you stand, try to give poses while keeping your hands on your hips, because in this way your shoulders will look broad and will not seem too rounded.

Selecting the Right Angle

When posing for a photograph always ask the photographer to take the picture from an upper angle, as taking pictures from lower angles will make you look fatter than you actually are. It will also make skin under the chin visible which will make the picture look like as if you have a double chin.

Use Flash

While maintaining the tips on how to look slimmer in pictures, one point that needs to be kept in mind is that always try to take pictures using flash. Flash overrides the extra lines and fats that can appear on your body as a result of sunlight.

Wearing Dark Color

Taking pictures wearing dark colored clothes such as browns and blacks will be great as it helps to hide the unnecessary shadows that can be created as a result of flash in the dark.

When a person goes to the studio to click a picture, he or she is always bothered by thoughts of what the right pose can be and how to look slimmer in pictures. But every time the picture comes out in such a way which you didn’t expect. So giving the right pose is very important. Always try to keep your face in front of the camera, that is, keep your face towards the camera. There is another trick on how to look slimmer in photos. If you keep your one feet slightly forward, then it will create an image as if your body is turned, which in turn will make you look slimmer. If you can keep your arms on your hips, then nothing can be a perfect pose for a perfect picture!

So go on and follow these simple tricks to get that perfect slim figure in the picture. Just remember one thing, forget everything about how to look slimmer in pictures and just concentrate on moment and feel good about yourself.

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