How To Live With An HIV Positive Person

Living with a HIV affected person

Living with a HIV affected person “You are HIV positive….” How like a thunderclap these words strike one’s ears. They do. However, these words are not death sentence. They are not the end of what all you have. Though, I agree, life may not be like it used to be before this doomed discovery. Awareness that has spread in recent times has made social acceptance of HIV positives more feasible.

Being HIV positive does not accuse an individual of treachery anymore. People around them understand that it could be result of some other monster’s careless and indifferent services, the one who did not value a human life more than an accessory in his cabin, the one who could not take a wee extra care to test the blood before transfusion or could not see that equipment was completely sterilized before use.

A friend who was not loyal enough to make sure that razor or needle he was lending to his friend was not infected or the person at the receiving end was careless enough to slog his own life into the muck of endless misery. Apathy and hatred have given in to social understanding and sympathy for the HIV positives. Once a person knows he is not on exile for rest of his life, he is able to muster his courage and LIVE his life with a new zest.

Learn the Difference between HIV and AIDS

If someone is HIV positive, it does not simply mean that the HIV bearer is infected with AIDS and is inching towards death. In fact, incubation period of the virus is between 10 to 12 years. This implies that a person gets a lease of another 12 years or so. The best way to slow down the progression of the disease is to be well informed about the disease.

Ignorance is fatal. Moreover, one should have a heart to let the people know that you are living with HIV so that they take precautions to protect themselves from the virus and they may take better care and act as a support. Sudden revelation may shock people and situation may become grim. Feeling of alienation and isolation is depressing. Optimism and grit to live today to the full will definitely help.

Learn More About the Disease

One must learn to control than giving up altogether. One must try to reach out to other HIV positive people. They act as a moral support. There are local support groups, knowledge base on the internet that can help to increase one’s know-how of the disease and can help through selection of an expert physician, selection of exercise schedule, nutrition, latest research and new diagnostic drugs available. Believe it, the best strategy to fight and rout an invincible foe is to be best familiar with it. Therefore, surf internet sites and acquaint yourself with the best possible resources and research on AIDS and HIV infection.

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Precautions While Living With an Infected Person

Being aware of one’s being HIV positive could prove to be a wake up call for the host as well as the people around. One must take care of personal hygiene and cleanliness. One must not use toothbrush, razors of an HIV positive and an HIV positive must avoid drug addiction at any cost. Try your best to use disposables whenever possible.

An HIV host must attend to minor fevers and cuts with utmost care so that infection does not become insurmountable. One could take up healthier nutrition habits, more precautious daily routine that includes strengthening immune system by taking healthy and balanced diet, including regular but moderate exercising schedule, meditation, modern medication and socializing. Developing positive attitudes and stress management play a great role in health care.

True friends stand the testing times and fair weather friends only add to flux but don’t provide an emotional support that is most required for an HIV positive. Therefore, be strong enough to disclose the fact to your friends. Let the mist melt away and people to leave who choose so. Few friends with great support and understanding are enough to get you through rough waters