How To Keep Kids Safe Around The Fireplace

Kids Safe Around the Fireplace

Kids Safe Around the Fireplace With the onset of cold weather, it is the time to build a fire in the fireplace which serves as the main focal point of the room. People like to enjoy cozy warmth in the room with their family. Maintaining the fireplace with kids in the home becomes very difficult as they are drawn towards the fire. Thus, it becomes very important to think about how to keep kids safe around the fireplace.

Reports suggest that due to the negligence of parents, most fires are caused by children. Thus, an eye should be kept on the children’s activities when the fire is around. According to the reports of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) in the year 2003, 17% of home fires were caused by children under the age of 5. There are various ways to keep kids safe and secure around fireplace, read on for more information.

Keeping Kids Safe Around Fireplace

Kids get hurt by falling and bumping over the sharp edges of the brick and stone hearths. It can be highly risky for toddlers as they are unable to stand on their feet. So, you can keep some blankets or rolled up towels to provide extra padding to the hard surface, securing it with duct tape. This may not sound to be attractive, but when it comes to your kids safety, you can do anything. It can be a temporary solution till you find the another best solution. Hearth pads are also available in the market to provide soft edges on the sharp corners of the fireplace.

Fire Gates

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Also, to build a safer area around the fireplace, avoid placing the furniture, baskets and toys. This will reduce kid’s activities around the fireplace. Fire safety gates can be installed around the fireplace to avoid kids putting their hands into it. These gates are the best choice as they look attractive and keep kids away from this dangerous place. Thus, these gates will prevent kids from getting hurt by falling on the hearth and burning themselves by fire.

Fireplace tools should be kept out of reach of children, so that they cannot play with them. If you teach your kids from the very beginning that the fireplace is a dangerous place and they can get injured, then they will easily will understand not to go near it.

Ways To Prevent Fire Around Fireplace

Do inspection of your chimneys by help of a professional before the start of winter season. This person can also clean the creosote build up in the chimney. Install a chimney spark to prevent roof fires. Anything flammable like kindling, rug, matches and newspapers should not be kept around the fireplace. The wooden floor should not be exposed in front of the fireplace. To avoid sparks from flying, install fireplace screens.

There is still a risk of burns, even if you have a electric or gas fireplace. Before you start fire, make sure the area around the fireplace is safe and secure for kids around. It should always be remembered that you are bringing fire in the house, so it should be given respect.

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