How To Increase Female Fertility


Both male and female infertility is on the rise. This is due to poor health and stressful factors, which work together and affect the fertility of a woman. Unfortunately, most women are unaware of the harm they are doing to their bodies as infertility manifests itself only when you start planning a family.

It is said that around 25% of couples face difficulties in conceiving a child and 50-60% of these cases can be attributable to female infertility. The causes of infertility are several – tubal damage, endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, repeat abortions etc. are only some of them. Stress and a poor diet can also affect the fertility of a woman.

Ways To Increase Female Fertility


The first and foremost step in remaining fit and fertile is eating  a balanced and nourishing diet that is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbs and healthy fats. Married women should increase their intake of folate rich food like fish and eggs, which improves their overall ability of conceiving a child.


Eating a well balanced diet and avoiding junk food can go a long way in maintaining high levels of fertility. After all, the body needs nourishment for optimal hormonal function.

Weight Loss

If you are suffering from obesity, now is the time to get rid of the excess weight. Obesity puts you at risk for infertility. Even mildly overweight women find it very difficult to have a baby.

Weight Loss

This again has to do with a hormonal imbalance in the body. This can be remedied with the help of exercise and correct eating. A drastic reduction in the body weight will go a long way in restoring your fertility.

No Smoking and Alcohol

Even women are succumbing to vices like excessive drinking and alcohol. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has not equipped our bodies to cope with the effects of these vices. Excessive drinking and smoking are two major causes of poor health, cancer and infertility in women.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking can also affect the growth of the foetus and lead to foetal abnormalities like mental retardation. Women would fare well by cutting down on smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol in order to have a child.

Combating Stress

Stress kills in many ways. It also severely affects your ability to conceive a child. Chronic stress can be debilitating and is said to affect follicular function in the ovaries.


If you are over worked or facing emotional trauma, now is the time to take it easy and deal with the stressors in a way that is adaptive. Combating stress and promoting mental peace and relaxation will further boost your chances of conceiving and having a baby.

Cut Caffeine

Plenty of women love their morning cup of coffee. While one cup of coffee does little harm, consuming gallons of coffee in a day can definitely play havoc with your fertility levels.

Avoid Caffeine

In such cases, it is prudent to reduce your intake of tea and coffee. Switch to healthier substitutes like green tea, which are devoid of caffeine.