How To Identify Your Body Shape

Determine Body shape

All of us fall into some body shape. Most times, body shapes are determined genetically. To get into a desired body shape, it is important to identify your body shape first and employ exercises that are conducive to reaching your objective.

Failure in determining body shape is often the reason for unsuccessful weight loss regimes. Some people are top heavy, some bottom heavy, some are curvaceous and some are devoid of curves. Whatever be your body proportion, body shapes are primarily apple, pear, hourglass, triangular or ruler.

Identifying Body Shape

Firstly, learn the basic description of every body shape and associated characteristics. Secondly, shed your clothes and stand before a full length mirror to closely inspect your body. This helps you to determine your body shape. When you are fully clothed, it is possible to observe deviations. This is because clothes and accessories have the ability to camouflage.

Determine Body shape

The next step is to measure three regions of your body to aid identification of body shape. You have to measure chest by draping tape across the middle portion of your chest or breasts. Exhale while recording this measurement. Next drape tape one inch above the navel to take measurement of your waist. Similarly, take measurement of the widest region of your hips just above your rear to measure hips.


Individuals who are heavy in their waist area when compared to their hips and chest are likely to be apple shaped. When your hips and bust are of the same size and your waist is prominent and defined, you have an hourglass figure.

Identify Body Shape

Such body shapes have body weight equally proportioned in the top and bottom portions. Ruler shaped bodies are those that have no or minimal variation between all three areas. Bust, waist and hip measure almost the same.

Pear shaped people are those who have a narrow upper body but begin to widen towards the lower half. While waist and chest measurements are almost similar; there will be loads of difference between chest and hip. Sometimes, this body shape is also referred to as a spoon.

But there can also be many of us who do not fit into a specific classification completely. However, there will be many similarities to one specific body shape. Determining body shape is not just necessary to alter your fitness routine; it is also important when it comes to choosing dresses that fit you well. An hour glass figure is usually perceived to be ideal and most women strive to get into such a body shape simply because most dresses fall and fit beautifully on this figure.

A point of misconception most people have is determining their body shape with height or weight. Both these parameters have nothing to do with body shape. A tall, slender woman and a short, heavy lady can both have an hour glass figure or any other body shape.

Interesting Facts to Know

Most women are either hour glass or pear shaped. And most men are either inverted triangles or rulers. Proportion and circumference of the specific body portion are two major determinants in identifying body shape.

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