How To Identify Good Preschools

toddler's fun way learning

toddler's fun way learning Toddler years are the most vigorous state of a developing child. The child enters the first independence craving state still being dependent on you. Independence for a toddler relates to not to be obstructed for doing whatever he tries for, the more we interrupt, the stronger the desire arouse to do so.

It becomes necessary to have an environment to keep the toddler busy and engrossed. With big families, when cousins, grandparents are around it becomes easy but for nuclear family, preschools comes an option. Nowadays, really good preschools have come into existence but we really should checkout before finalizing a one. Preschools should foremost fulfill the need of raising a happy and socializing child.

Ways to Check a Good Preschool

Emphasize more on interaction through plays, games and rhymes with no academics involved.

Sufficient space to allow playful environment with help of colorful posters, rides, swings, blocks to develop basics learning of day to day things. Additionally it should be properly ventilated for fresh air circulation.

Strength of students should not be more than 15 -20 and student-teacher ratio has to be near 5: 1 so that individual attention is paid to every child. Teachers must be experienced for playgroup sessions and should actively involve parents and make them aware about the development of child every month.

Preschool should start with half an hour and gradually when toddlers get accustomed to new place extend to one hour and finally 2 hours. Should celebrate all festivals and inculcate the unity in diversity amongst the kids.

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Good preschools these days make your kids learn to eat properly, indulge in prayers, National Anthems and help them to be thankful for things around as a part of their life besides the usual rhyming sessions. Parents should be equally involved as it has to be a combined effort to inculcate the best in your child. More significantly parent interactions on day to day basis have to be necessarily there to keep a check on their development.

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Preschools role is to assist us in achieving what needs to be achieved for the best progressive life of the child. They can never overtake parent’s role, so one should be prepared to be involved more and more even after putting the toddler in the playschool.

Preschool is More of a Personal Decision

It  depends on your child’s interest and requirements. For a hyper-active or dull child both, it comes as a good option. If the toddler loves the company of kids around and is the only child of the nuclear family, it is better to put in playschool as loneliness should never be part of a kid’s life.

Playful learning is the best way of learning things and because of its fun-filled strategy; it is picked up the fastest among all kids. Preschools have certainly made it more interesting to learn 1-2-3…ABCD…animals, fruits, birds …endless things in the most colorful ways.

Get in touch with parents whose kids have been to preschool and check the experiences, before deciding it as an option for your child.