How To Have Soft And Supple Lips Naturally

Treatments For Pink Lips

Lips are one of those facial features that can either enhance your beauty or trigger bad appearance in case it is chapped and dull. Therefore achieving soft, pink and supple lips is one of the major requirements especially for women. Here one thing that you have to keep in mind is that the skin of the lips is the most sensitive and thin as compared to other parts of the body. This shows that it is more prone to the adverse effects of the environment and needs extra bit of care. Dryness is another major issue that a lot of you might face where lips are concerned. Dry and flaky lips are not only a turn off for men but also for women. So it becomes extremely necessary for men to maintain soft lips as well.

Pink and soft lips always leave a long lasting impression on people. It also reflects how well groomed you are and the amount of attention you pay to your looks. Dark lips on the other hand also lower the level of self confidence in a person. Lip balms available in the market are however one of the best ways to care for your lips, but some natural remedies and treatments will only add as an extra benefit. According to researches, here are the most effective treatments to get those pink, soft and supple lips free from problems-

Natural and Homemade Treatments for Pink Lips

Importance of Hydration

Drink Water For Pink Lips

It is imperative to keep the body hydrated that in turn will add hydration to the lips. One of the simplest and the easiest way to follow this treatment successfully is to drink abundant water. At least 15 glasses of water is highly recommended where lips are concerned. This will keep the lips moist and supple. Dryness is another factor that this treatment will easily work on. Chapped lips are one of the most prevalent problems among people who avoid drinking water. Licking the lips is another habit that can dry the lips, so avoid it completely.

Treatment of Exfoliation

Sugar And Olive Oil For Pink Lips

The process of exfoliation is not only important for the face and the body but also for the lips equally. You can easily use the lip scrubs available in the market for this purpose. Make sure you use only a good quality product. For a homemade scrub all you have to do is mix in some sugar and olive oil and use it to scrub the lips in circular motions. A toothbrush can also be used to remove the dead skin cells from the lips. You can also use a cotton ball dipped in cold water for this treatment. However, be gentle since the skin of the lips is very sensitive and is prone to cuts and wounds.

Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet

Green Leafy Vegetables For Pink Lips

A healthy diet is something that is a requisite for all types of health as well as beauty ailments. A good nutrient rich diet will keep the body working in proper conditions and also enhance your beauty. From glowing skin to soft and supple lips everything can be achieved by including good amounts of fruits, juices and green leafy vegetables in your diet. The minerals and vitamins in these natural products will get you rid from the issue of dryness on the lips and make it look healthy. Iron and essential fatty acids rich foods should also be added to the everyday diet for wonderful results!

Avoid Caffeine and Smoke

Drinks Tea For Pink Lips

Drinks like tea and coffee should be totally cut off from your daily diet if you want to get freedom from chapped and dark lips. Smoking is another habit that is known to cause serious threats to the look of the lips. Therefore, avoid it as much as possible if you want pink lips.

Cold Rose Water Wash!

Rose Water For Pink Lips

Just before hitting the bed, make sure you wash your lips with cold rose water to leave it soft and supple the next morning. This is one of the most effective home remedy that can be followed everyday for ideal outcomes.

Some Natural Products for Moisturizing

Coconut Oil For Pink Lips

Some natural products that can be used for moisturizing the lips just before going off to sleep at night includes olive oil, butter, coconut oil, honey, milk cream, baby oil or glycerin. Using any of these items on a consistent basis will give you perfect pink and soft lips that you always dreamt of.

Turmeric and Milk Cream Massage

Turmeric And Milk Cream For Pink Lips

Mix well a dash of turmeric to some fresh milk cream. Now use this paste to gently massage the lips for at least 5-7 minutes. If used regularly, the lips will get back its pinkish tone as well as remain soft all the time.

Almond Paste Wonders!

Almond Paste For Pink Lips

Soak in some almonds overnight and make a fresh paste out of it the next morning. Now apply this wonderful paste on the lips in a generous way. This home remedy helps in bringing back the natural color of the lips as well as moisturizes it to keep it away from dryness.

Lime slice and Sugar Combo

Lime Slice For Pink Lips

All you have to do is take a slice of lime and add some sugar to it. Now rub the lips gently with it for some minutes. A regular use of this home remedy will help you get the redness back on the lips since lime and sugar acts as natural bleaching agents.

Gram Flour Paste

Gram Flour Paste For Pink Lips

Make a smooth paste out of gram flour, honey, lime juice and some yoghurt. Application of this paste for 10-15 minutes everyday for a couple of months will show you visible results where softness and color of the lips are concerned.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot Juice For Pink Lips

Make some fresh juice out of beetroot by mixing it in a mixer. Strain the liquid and use it on the lips 3-4 times daily. The application of the juice on the lips calls for 20 minutes of your time. it will work magic where softness and natural color is concerned. These are some of the most uncomplicated ways to achieve your goal of pink, soft and supple lips. Not only are these treatments and remedies effective and safe but completely affordable as well.