How To Have Safe Sex

Ways To Have Safe Sex

Let’s accept the fact frankly that the urge to have sex is something that comes out of our basic instinct and also it’s the key factor which backs the continuity of our species. Opposite sexes are genetically engineered to attract each other and have intercourse.

Falling in love with someone of opposite sex and to have physical relation in the course of time is quite normal. Some behavioral scientists even believe that the underlying urge of intercourse is the motivating factor behind our tendency to fall in love, though it may sound bizarre to some of us. But when it comes to sex, we shouldn’t take it casually and keep in mind certain important things. Let’s check out some golden rules of having safe sex.

A Chat Before Getting Laid:

A Chat Before Getting Laid

If you are going to have sex for the first time with your partner, it’s always advisable not to take it in too much hurry and have a chat first to get certain things clear. You may frankly ask that whether he/she is going to have sex for the first time and if not get clarified about how many sexual partners he/she had before. If you are daring enough to get a bit deeper into the matter, ask if he/she has got tested for STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Moreover you can try to find it out that whether he/she is truly committed in this relation and looking forward to take it to the next level of conjugal bonding. So you can see that an open chat before sex can reveal a lot of important facts for you.

Always Use the Condom:

Always Use the Condom

You should never ever skip the use of a condom while having sex, no matter you are about to get indulged in intercourse for the first time or you are a pro. It will not only provide you protection from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS but also you can avert unwanted pregnancy with it.

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Single Sex Partner, but the Condom is Still Required:

Single Sex Partner, but the Condom is Still Required

If you believe like so many out there that if you are sharing your bed with one single sex partner you don’t require using the condom, you are absolutely wrong. Actually in that case also you can’t avoid using the condom.

Avoid Drinking Before Having Sex:

Avoid Drinking Before Having Sex

As we know that consumption of alcohol can impair our judgment ability, so it’s always advisable that we should never indulge in intercourse after drinking.

Make Oral Sex Safe, Using a Condom:

Make Oral Sex Safe, Using a Condom

A lot of couples find oral sex extremely exciting and stimulating, but certain things should be kept in mind before you indulge in it. Oral sex can be a cause in contracting dreaded infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, so you should always make sure to wear a condom. Perhaps you can try flavored condom to enhance the pleasure of your oral sex.

Have a Single Sex Partner and Stay Safe:

Have a Single Sex Partner and Stay Safe

The safest and the best rule of sexual life is to have a single sex partner. It brings your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infection to a minimum possible level.