How To Have A Long Relationship

How To Have A Long Relationship

How To Have A Long Relationship Almost all relationships have the potential to turn into a long and steady relationship but these are always tough to keep. The key element to every relationship is love, but there is a lot extra when it comes to keeping the spark alive. Everyone yearns to have an exciting and romantic relationship, but the relation often ends up into something unpleasant.

Once you are into a relationship, you should understand that only the unconditional effort by you and your partner can keep the relation going. There would be endless distractions and problems, but you would have to believe in your relation and bear in mind that a single stupidity on your end can jeopardize the future of the relationship.

A long and steady relationship is not easy to achieve and hence I have tried to come up with certain tips which would help you strengthen your relation with your partner and enjoy a long relationship minus all the troubles that couples do come across.

Ways To Keep A Long Relationship


Generally, it all begins from friendship. Falling in love with someone is quite spontaneous, but once the relationship grows and the spontaneous love transforms into its mature self, it is only then that you realize whether or not you can really stay with that person.

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Compatibility and understanding are the mechanisms that actually hold the two people together in the relationship. Couples always have different interests and perspectives but that should never hamper one’s relationship.

Never Let Misunderstandings Crop Up

At times, mole hills do turn into mountains and thus if you wish to make your relation a success, you would have to make sure that things get sorted out quick. Frustration tends to build up slowly and it manifests into hatred over time.

If you let things build up inside your head, one day you would surely burst out in rage and that would not be of help. Never let ego crop up between you and your partner as it tends to weaken the relationship. Instead try to confront the problem and make your partner understand by talking about the subject.

Share Everything

If you wish to have a long relationship with your partner, then you must take him or her into confidence by being truthful all the time. Learn to share your thoughts, no matter what it is. Once you are truthful to your partner, you would have a better understanding of each other and would end up loving each other all the more.

Avoid Insecurities

Half-truths and miscommunication often lead to doubts and insecurities. A long term relationship is based on trust and thus, once insecurity creeps into your relationship it would be hard for you to hold on to your love. Proper communication and being truthful has its merits and they would surely help you keep insecurities at bay.

Have Quality Time Together

It often happens that people complain about their partner’s not remaining their former self after a few good years into the relationship. However, one must understand that people change over time and thus it is very important for you to grow along with your partner.

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Love and sexual attraction are not the only things that can bring you closer to your partner. Try doing different things together. Even trifle things as doing the household chores and cooking together can help you strengthen your bond with your partner.

Good Sex Life

Sex plays an important role in any relationship and thus you should make sure that your partner enjoys it as much as you do. Once monotony sets in, into your sex life, you would never be able to hold on to your relationship. Hence, you should always try new things when you are in the bedroom with your partner. Fresh ideas can certainly help you spruce up your sex life and add to the bonding that you share with your partner.

Spend Some Time Apart

This may be the hardest of the lot but you ought to give some space to your partner. When you are deeply in love with someone, you wish to spend every moment with him or her, but at times you do need to spend the night apart. Staying apart would not just provide both of you with some much needed freedom, but would also make you long for your partner.

This is one of the best ways of keeping your romance up and running. So, the next time your partner wishes to visit his/her parent’s place or stays back at friend’s place make sure that you are absolutely OK about it.

Head out to Romantic Destinations

Nothing beats the love and attachment that we share with our partner, but there are times when we are too busy with our work and we often forget to spend quality time with our partners. Thus comes the need of heading out to romantic destinations.

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Holidays are hard to come by and thus make sure, whenever you get time; you take your partner out for few days. Do not take each other for granted and instead make him/her feel special. A small outing or a romantic getaway brings the partners together and this provides a much needed boost to the relationship.

If you keep these little things in mind, you are bound to make progress in your relationship. However, a long term relationship requires a lot more than these tips. It requires your effort and interest to turn the relationship into a long lasting bond. Small decisions taken together or small chores done together indeed make a difference.

In this fast paced world it is hard to find a person who would truly love you back, but once you have met the right person make sure that you leave no stone unturned in making the relationship work and last longer. A relationship can only transform into a long relationship if it gets the right push from your end. Thus, follow these above mentioned tips and turn your otherwise mundane relationship into a fairytale love story.