How To Grow Wheat Grass At Home

How To Grow Wheat Grass At Home

How To Grow Wheat Grass At Home Wheat Grass has shown magical effects in curing several diseases and that is why it is considered as ‘Green Blood’ by Doctor Whigmore of USA. She has been treating several incurable diseases with the help of this green juice of wheat plants.

What is Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass is the tender and delicate plant or sapling of wheat plant and they have numerous medicinal properties in them. That is why they are referred to as Green Blood by scientists. Dr. Whigmore says that the juice extracted from the Wheat Grass helps in curing various diseases like skin related infections, physical and mental ailments, urinary bladder related diseases, digestive system related problems like indigestion, gastric problem etc., piles, asthma, anaemia, Parkinson’s, arthritis, cholesterol, lower level of haemoglobin and cancer etc.
The liquid extracted from wheat saplings is also known as Wheat Grass.

How to Grow Wheat Grass at Home?

It is very easy to grow these wheat plants in your house all you need is some care and these medicinal plants will flourish in your garden or house.


Take around 10 pots of mud or plastic of medium size and if the pots are not available then you can also go for cane baskets which should be smaller in size.

Step 2

Put clean and fertile mud in these pots up to the brim. You should add some manure also to the mud before filling it into the pots. Remember that the manure should not be chemical manure it should be made up of dung and natural waste only.

Step 3

Do not keep the pots in direct sunlight every day, rather keep them in a shady place. Now sprinkle some water on the mud of the pots to make it wet. The pots should contain a mixture of mud and manure in the ratio of 3: 1.That is there should be three portions of mud and one portion of manure in each pot.

Step 4

Now wash good quality wheat grains and sprout them by soaking them overnight and then drain their water in the morning and after that tie them in a clean cotton cloth and hang them or you can keep them in a box with tight lid, by evening they will start sprouting.

 Step 5

First day plant 50 grams of these sprouts in one pot and the next day again grow 50 grams of sprouts in the second pot. This way keep on planting the sprouting grains of wheat in every pot for the next 10 days. After 8-10 days the wheat saplings will be about 7-8 inches long. Now your Wheat grass is ready at home.

Step 6

Now take out these tender wheat saplings along with the roots from the first pot and immediately wash them nicely, so that all the mud and dirt gets washed away from them. Put them in juicer and extract the juice and your Wheat Grass juice is ready for consumption. You can use mixer also for taking out the juice, but remember that the juice needs to be consumed within an hour. Do not keep it for long otherwise it will lose its medicinal properties.