How To Grow A Herb Garden

Herb Garden

Growing an indoor herb garden can be fun and a great way of starting the gardening process especially for novice gardeners. They do not require extensive care and maintenance and can be easily looked after in the confines of their pots.

They can be made to stand on your kitchen window sill where you can keep an eye on their growth any time during the day. Fresh herbs can also add zest and variety to your meal. Growing herbs indoors is an easy and a rewarding hobby.

Herb Garden

Some Ways To Grow an Herb Garden


Make sure you factor in adequate light when growing herbs. There should be at least 8-10 hours of daily sunlight exposure for the plants to grow well. If sunlight is a problem, you can make use of special artificial lights, which are different from actual lights. They emit light and heat and are specifically designed for indoor plants.


The temperature for growing herbs should be optimal. Cold wintry winds can wither your herbs and cause the leaves to fall. So make sure you plants are well protected from the inclement weather.

Herb Garden


There should be a lot of cross ventilation for herbs to grow well. This will keep your herbs fresh and will prevent bacteria and pests from attacking your herbs.


The soil used in potted herbs has to be just right and should have good drainage. It should be a combination of sand, potting soil and peat moss for best results.


The fertilizers used for potted plants are quite different from the regular garden plants and shrubs. Get in touch with your local nursery and ask them the best way to fertilize your plants.

Herb Garden


Watering of potted herbs should be done on a daily basis. At times, some herbs require more watering than others do. If you are going to be out of station, recruit someone who will water your herbs on a daily basis. Make sure you do not over water as this may lead to water logging in the pot and the plant may get destroyed.

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Pest Control

Although potted plants are rarely infested by pests due to the indoor conditions you can never be too sure. Have a handy hand spray to take care of unruly pests who attack your plants.

In order to kill pests, prepare some soapy water in the kitchen in a large bowl. Now swish the plant in this soap water for a few times. The soap will kill all the pests without actually harming the plant.

Herb Garden

Unique herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme and basil grow very well inside and require no special care and maintenance once you have picked the right spot for them. Make sure you identify the right niches and crannies in your home to store herbs.

Different herbs may require different climatic conditions so you may need to place them in different areas of the house for optimal growth. Once this is taken care of, your herbs will grow well and you will have fresh herbs that can be consumed any time of the year.