How To Go From Friends To Dating

How To Go From Friends To Dating

How To Go From Friends To Dating It is a famous belief that good spouses may not make good friends but good friends definitely make excellent partners. Moreover, it is also a gospel truth that the first step towards love is always friendship. We come across a number of couples who at one point in their lives were great buddies and with time their bud of friendship blossomed into a beautiful flower of love.

However, at times the superimposition of romance on friendship becomes a little complicated jeopardising the entire acquaintanceship. Many friendships have met with an unfortunate end as of result of one buddy developing a soft spot for the other in his or her heart.

This makes the entire transition from friendship to love a little sensitive requiring a sensible approach. It is imperative on the person willing to take the friendship to another level to ensure that his or her feelings do not cause cracks in the wall of their bond. There are a few things which should be kept into consideration while going for such delicate manoeuvres.

Tips Of Moving From Friends To Dating

Assess your Feelings

Before flagging off your campaign of love it is essential for you to be sure that it is exactly what you desire. There are a number of times when carried away by the flow of emotions or due to a miscalculation of feelings, we fall prey to the false perception of being in love only to be woken up to a harsh and hurtful reality of broken relationships.

A small lapse in judgement can subject you both to awkward situations and lead to all ties being snapped. You might feel overwhelmed with emotions but don’t forget to take a break and have an objective view of the situation.

Take it Easy and Slow

Never ever commit the unforgivable sin of rushing through love. Even if you are certain of your feelings for your pal don’t go all overboard. Especially when it comes to expression, be as subtle as possible initially so as to save the situation from getting unsalvageable.

moving from friends to dating

You falling for your friend doesn’t in any way allow you to take it for granted that the feelings are mutual. Taking baby steps in the preliminary stages by dropping faint hints is not a bad idea. On the contrary, it will make you assess his or her feelings better and not let any soreness slip into the relationships. Look before you take the ultimate leap.

Don’t let There be Any Unsolicited Change of Behaviour

It is very ordinary on the part of friends getting drawn towards each other romantically to change their behaviour or conduct towards one another, intentionally or unintentionally. They don’t even realise when a casual address turns into a more formal one or when a sense of hesitation creeps in making the two of them feel conscious in each other’s presence.

Small alterations or differences are expected and manageable but not to an extent when they start to avoid facing each other. As soon as any of the two friends senses any unprecedented behavioural variation, he or she should waste no more time and talk everything out.

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Prevent Discomfort Post First Intimate Encounter

Friends treading the path of romance sometimes fail to suppress the urge of physical proximity and end up taking a step beyond the oblivious line of restraint. Such an encounter most of the times leads to an air of unease and awkwardness pervade around the two prospective lovers, especially in situations of no prior word or commitment towards a probable relationship in future.

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Such an unhealthy atmosphere is absolutely venomous for the budding romance and has the potential to dig a grave for the friendship only. Try and not freak out during such unexpected or uncalled for circumstances and stick to your maturity levels. Let such an intimacy be the foundation stone of a beautiful relationship in future.

The Ultimate Expression

All said and done, what matters at the end of the day is who breaks the ice? People end up exhausting precious time in waiting for the other pal to initiate due to the fear of being rejected or ruining the friendship. Remember, waiting and not taking a lead is doing no good to your friendship either.

Seize the day and pour your heart out as soon as you deem it fit. You definitely do not want to regret not expressing yourself ten or twenty years down the line thinking you might have had a better life had you dared to take a shot. Get up, gather your courage and get going.

Look around you and ransack your heart to see if the person right next to you who has always been your friend is actually the one you had been waiting for all your life.