How To Get Your Toddler Used To Car Seat

keeping the baby happy in a car seat

keeping the baby happy in a car seat Most babies revel and enjoy the motion of a purring car. The motion of the car lulls even the crankiest babies to sleep. This happiness however is short lived when babies are strapped into their car seat. Most babies loathe car seats as it restricts their mobility.

This makes them temperamental, cranky and irritable. The fussing is compounded when children cross the one-year mark and become active and mobile. If you are the kind, who loves to travel and go on long drives in a car, strapping your child in a car seat is the best option. Not only does it keep the child well behaved but also ensures the child’s safety during an accident. Here are some steps to make the journey more comfortable for yourself and the child.

Tips To Get Your Toddler Used To Car Seat

Distract the Baby

In all probability, your child will start to throw a fit or a tantrum the minute he/she eyes the car seat. The best thing to do is to happily distract them by giving them a toy or a book to play with while you strap them. Sing or coo to them if you must while you are getting busy.

Make the Baby Comfortable

Make sure that the car harness is comfortably strapped around the baby. Ideally, there should not be a more than two inch gap between the strap and the baby. Anything-tighter will only dig into the baby’s skin and make him/her squirm. Very loose straps will allow your son or daughter to slide around or underneath them which not only makes it uncomfortable but also unsafe. Make sure that the temperature at the back is comfortable. The baby should not receive the direct blast from the AC nor should he/she feel too warm.

Block the Sun

Babies hate the sun especially if it gets into their eyes. Use a window shade to block the sun’s rays.

toddler car-seat safety


Make sure there is adequate entertainment for the baby as he/she is strapped. Play some nice children’s songs so that the baby enjoys listening to them.

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Attach some play toys to his seat, which he/she can finger and play with. You can also attach a mirror to the back seat. Most babies enjoy seeing their reflection and happily revel in them. Keep talking to the child in between. It can get lonely at the back.


If there are two adults in the car, one can happily squeeze in at the back with the baby. Some comfortable reassurance can be now given to the baby. Older siblings can also do the same and keep the baby entertained.


You can bring the car seat home and let your child sit in it for short periods to get him/her used to the idea of a car seat. Lavish the child with toys and attention while you do this.

Be Patient

No matter how much the child screams, do not give in. Your child’s safety is more important than his/her screams. Be patient. Eventually your child will tire of crying and will get accustomed to the car seat. A time will come when the child begins to enjoy the ride and the car seat.