How To Get Your Child To Stop Peeing In The Bed

help your child to stop peeing In the bed

help your child to stop peeing In the bed If not conditioned early, bedwetting habits may continue even till adolescence. This can become quite an embarrassing and difficult habit to deal with.

So, in order to save yourself and your child from a situation which becomes more difficult to handle as time progresses start toilet training your kid as early as possible.

Tips for Getting Your Child to Stop Peeing in the Bed

Less Fluid Intake Before Bedtime

Reduce the intake of beverages from the evening onwards, since during that time the body’s need for fluids decrease substantially. In absence of rigorous physical activity as minimum as one glass of water is sufficient for the bodily requirements as far as the young children are concerned. So, it is better to restrict to that. Also, avoid caffeine containing beverages before bedtime since they increase the thirst and thus initiate drinking of fluids. Therefore, let your child stay away from sodas and even chocolate if you want to put a full stop to the habit of bedwetting.

Regularized Use of the Bathroom

Make your child go to the bathroom every 2-3 hours during the day. With a regularized toilet routine in the subconscious mind the child will understand that the place for peeing is the toilet and not the bed. This habit inculcated during the waking hours will come in good stead while sleeping also and gradually the episodes of bedwetting will stop completely. Another thing to remember is that constipation has a negative impact on the bladder movement so for a healthy bowel movement ensure that your child is getting enough fluids as well as roughage in the daily diet.

Visit to the Toilet Before Going to Bed is Must

Bedwetting can be completely stopped by following a quite simple regime just make the child use the toilet twice — at sufficient gaps — before going to bed. Once the bladder becomes empty then there are not much chances of wetting the bed in the night.

Bed Wetting Alarms

The bed wetting alarms are quite marvelous and effective instruments for getting your child completely stop wetting the bed. These kind of alarms can sense the presence of moisture instantly and go off, waking the child in the act of wetting the bed. Once roused from the slumber, the child can do the remaining portion in the appropriate place, the bathroom. The regular sirens from the alarm in time will become so much alarming that as soon as the child’s subconscious brain senses a full bladder he will wake up and so outgrow the need for such alarms.

Seek Professional Help

If the bedwetting habit becomes impossible to break then it is better to consult a physician who can diagnose the reason why the bedwetting episodes are occurring at such frequency. This is especially important in case of a child without a previous history bedwetting suddenly. There may be some other problems at play that are causing your child to pee in the bed.