How To Get Smoky Eyes

How to Get Smoky Eyes

How to Get Smoky Eyes Do you ever covet that hot and sexy look, wherein your eyes smolder as if smoke is rising from them? The smoky look not only enhances the beauty of your eyes but also, commands all the attention of the audience. With a little make-up, that look is doable right at home.

Let’s first gather the things that you would require to achieve this look. You will need a primer, contrasting shades of eye shadows, dark and light, eyeliner, makeup or eye shadow brush, mascara, eye pencil, and Q-tip.

 Getting Smoky Eyes Look

Prepare the Base

To prepare the skin of the eye lid, use a primer. You can obtain a smoky eye without the primer, by applying just an eye shadow base. However, after some time when your skin produces oil, your make-up will dissolve away. A primer ensures that oil does not form on the eye lid and thus your smoky eye look lasts for the entire day.

There are several good primers available in the market like MAC’s paint and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. Just sweep the primer over the entire eyelid and let it dry.

Eye Liner for the Upper Lash

Now the time comes to choose the color of the smoke. Depending on the color you choose, select the eye liner. Black, brown or grey are most commonly applied.

Get Smoky Eyes

Whatever the color of the eye shadow, the eye liner should be the same. For a wilder look, violet goes very well. In that case, choose a blue, green or a purple eye liner. Apply the eye liner on the upper lash line of your eye. Make the line thicker in the middle.

Lower Lash

On your lower lash line, use something smudgable like an eye pencil. Draw it across the lower lash line. To add the smoke, smudge it with your fingers, till it blends into your skin.

Light Base Color

Creating A Perfect Smoky Eye

After your eye liner is dry, apply the light eye shadow as a base all over your eye lid, till your brow bone. Use an eye shadow brush to do this and apply in long sweeps.

Create the Smoke

Now, it is finally time to create the smoke effect. Add the darker eye shadow that you have chosen with an eye shadow brush. To do this, start from the upper lash line of your eye and keep going upwards till you reach the crease on your eye lid. Near the lash line, make sure that you blend the eye shadow with the eye liner till it disappears.

Proper Blending

The most important function in the process of creating smoky eyes is proper blending. None of the make-up should be seen distinctly from a starting point or at the end. Thus, to be doubly sure, use a Q-tip to blend the eye shadow well.


Now to add even more drama, add a few coats of mascara to make your eye lashes thick and dark. Before adding the mascara, curl your lashes with a lash curler.

Remember to keep your lips nude. Any bright color on your lips will take focus away from your eyes and ruin the look completely. Now you are ready to floor that prince charming silly and make all the ladies green with envy.