How To Get Rid Of Acne


Ways To Cure For Acne Outbreak of acne, a big hassle for teenage girls or women, is the result of hormonal changes or stress. But it surely, not means that the skin is unclean or dirty. On the contrary, over cleansing may irritate the skin further more.

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Spot Treatment

Salicylic acid helps in skin growth by killing bacteria, rapidly shedding off the dead skin and causing re-growth. Use gel form of salicylic acid and apply directly over pimples and leave it overnight. Benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria causing acne and also serves as good skin peeling agent that sheds off pimpled skin and help new healthier skin layers to grow. 2.5% concentrated cream, when applied on spots either overnight or evening, before applying the makeup, shows remarkable results. Benzoyl Peroxide For Acne Paste of aspirin can be used for bright red, inflamed acne spots as this serve as oral anti-inflammatory agent. Put it over pimples overnight and let them dry out completely. Melaluca or tea tree oil is used as antibacterial solution as it helps to clean out all microbes clogging the skin. Dip a cotton swab in one drop of oil and apply gently over each pimple. Avoid using more of oil as it could increase redness or give a burning sensation. Tea Tree Oil For Acne Toothpaste can be used when nothing else is available. Dabbing a pea sized toothpaste over pimples, seals off the pimples and squeezes them on getting dry. It reduces the infected size profoundly, when kept overnight. Never prick or pop an active pimple, as infection through hands can only worsen the condition, leaving scar forever. Be patient and deal with them carefully. Toothpaste For Acne

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Widespread Acne

Use anti-acne, salicylic acid containing face wash that will wash away any growing bacteria and infected skin layers. Dry the face with a towel after washing by gentle patting and never scrub or rub the skin. Have a mild exfoliating scrubber that on gentle scrubbing, in soft circular motions over nose, cheeks, forehead and chin wash away all the dead skin cells. You can make one at home with baking soda, some water and a little sugar. Get exposed to sun for 10 -15 minutes as UV rays can kill some acne causing bacteria. Do avoid sunburn by staying out for long and the method is more useful for acne of shoulders or those at the back. Baking Soda For Acne

Long Term Solutions

Adequate rest and sleep of 8 hours every night to de-stress and relax fully. Under stress and sleep deprivation, skin get oxygen deprived and more susceptible to break outs. Include yoga, meditation or exercise to manage stress and replenish energy (oxygen) levels. Hair care is equally essential as leftover dirt and oils from scalp can fall on your face too, causing acne. Sleep Deprivation For Acne   Perform regular skin care by washing and treating acne as soon as they appear. Applying moisturizer on regular basis and using cleanser each time after removing the makeup. Washing Face For Acne Oral contraceptives in women help to eradicate acne as they contain estrogen that brings hormonal balance. For those who are intolerant to estrogen, spironolactone is another medication that can normalize the levels of acne causing hormones, on using for a defined period of time. Consult Dermatologists for difficult acne that could be linked to some deficiency or allergies. The skin specialists will provide permanent therapy based on right diagnosis of unusual acne.