How To Get Flat Tummy

How To Get Flat Tummy

How To Get Flat Tummy A flat tummy in girls that she like to showoff disappears as one approaches the womanhood and become more of a tedious task to attain it back. This is the commonest trouble experienced by almost all the women and they would love to have a fast way out to overcome this problem and get back in shape.

Though, there are many factors that could be responsible for having a fatty, bulging belly but there remain the same simple solutions to tackle them. Make use of these wonderful ways to get back in shape without much trouble. For those, who have an underlying medical problems pertaining to fat belly, should also consult their physicians.

Ways To Get Flat Tummy

Snack At Magical Hour

One must snack between 3 to 4 p.m. as it boosts the metabolism and helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. The lower the sugar levels in the blood, the lower will be the insulin and hence, less fat gets stored around the belly.


Indulge in eating protein, low fat cheese, apple or almonds as a healthy snack and avoid missing the snack time. Snacking every four hours is a remedial option in losing fat around the belly, instead of remaining on fast for 6 or more hours, post lunch till dinner time. Fasting increases the sugar levels and hence boosts the insulin action of storing fats.

Increase Belly Zapping Hormone

Minimized your consumption of sugar and if you can reach near zero grams, it is all the more best. Reduced sugar intake lowers insulin and elevates the levels of glucagon. Glucagon hormone is the best buddy for those, struggling for a flat tummy as it gobbles away the fat stored around the belly region and more efficiently when its level are high in the body. So lower the sugar intake, higher will be glucagon levels and easier it will be to achieve the flat belly look.

Consume Small Portions

Consume Small Portions

Controlling the portion of meals does have influence in formation of flab in the belly. Eating small sized meals including monounsaturated fats and whole grain foods is one of the best ways of eating for a flat belly. People eating more of whole grains tend to lose high amounts of abdominal fat and MUFA helps in reducing the belly flab.

Chew It All

Complete chewing is the topmost solution for preventing stomach bloating. But, how many of us are patient enough to chew our food completely. We should chew food till it becomes like an apple sauce in our mouth. Digestion starts from mouth itself, if chewing is proper, digestion is quicker, and better digested food will prevent gas formation, eliminating bloating and bulging of tummy.

Laugh More

Laugh More

Laughing is very surprisingly a great thing for abs as every time one laughs it strengthens the abs. Many yoga classes even encourage laughing as part of their training routine as busting laughter will surely and tremendously aids in toning the belly abs and achieving a flat tummy, with all smiles.

Use Cayenne Pepper

Flavoring the foods with a pinch of cayenne pepper or fresh tomato salsa provides an additional benefit in boosting up the metabolism and overcoming the unappealing bulges of the belly region.