How To Get A Toddler To Listen And Obey

getting toddler to listen

getting toddler to listen Parenthood comes with its share of new and novel experiences, and every parent must be ready to face a new challenge as their child grows up. Most new parents can face problems in handling their enthusiastic toddlers and kids can develop behavioral problems if they are not disciplined on time.

Most parents complain of their toddlers being too stubborn or strong willed especially when they are between 1 and a half and 2 years old. As a parent you may be confused as to how to make your toddler obedient and disciplined without being too harsh at the same time.

Helpful Tips to Get A Toddler To Listen & Obey

Be Firm yet Gentle

Being firm and disciplining your toddler does not mean that you have to be too harsh or beat them. Remember that your little one is more perceptive then you think. If they sense that you are being too harsh they can in turn be even more stubborn to provoke you further. However deal with patience. It can be unnerving and embarrassing when kids start behaving stubbornly in public. Keep your voice sharp and steady and give your little one a warning. You must sound serious else they will take it for granted that you are being soft on them. Often toddlers calm down when they sense anger in your voice.

A Small Lesson can Help you Discipline Them

A punishment is never ideal in most cases, but when toddlers get out of hand and stubborn or even destructive they must know that what they are doing is wrong. Often toddlers can be a menace at supermarkets and stores. Many toddlers throw about things or break things and do not obey their parents. In such a situation when mere scolding does not help, you can lightly spank them on the arm or wrist to convey your disapproval. When they behave badly at home you can deny them dessert or their favorite food to let them know that they have been naughty. These sorts of lessons can work effectively for many kids as they realize that their behavior is not going down with their parents. It will also help you raise a well mannered and disciplined child.

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Set a Good Example for your Toddler

When you are having a hard time in dealing with your toddler do not show your rage or your frustration in front of them. Often out of sheer impatience parents themselves can throw a fit and shout to vent their anger. However such kind of an attitude will not help your case. Your child will only learn from your actions so be wise when dealing with them. Let them absorb the positive things from you so that they can be well disciplined.

Spend Time with your Child

Often toddlers wreck havoc and behave unreasonably when they are trying to grab their parents’ attention. So here is a situation where you need to question yourself. If you are a working woman and hardly dedicate time to your little one, then it can be a reason for their undisciplined behavior. Spend quality time with them. Be gentle when they throw tantrums and tell them why they should behave well. Play with them, draw and paint and divert their energy to creativity, this will not strengthen your bond with your baby but also channel their restlessness and enthusiasm in positive directions.