How To Fly With An Infant

Most young infants are quite ok with travelling by air. But some babies prone to frequent bouts of crying while traveling by air. In order to ensure that your baby is comfortable on the plane and the journey, here are some steps to keep him/her quiet and happy on the plane.

How To Fly With An Infant

Bulk Head Seats

Check in with your luggage as early as you can and ask for bulkhead seats that are right in the front. They are roomier and offer more leg space, which means that your baby can be comfortably accommodated with all the extra paraphernalia like a baby basket. There are also no passengers in front of you for the baby to annoy. There are lesser chances of your baby banging it’s head on the front seat.

Arrive Early

Try to arrive early so that you are not rushing with baby and baggage in tow. Checking in takes time and the wait can be horribly uncomfortable if you have a baby in tow with you.


Some airlines offer the facility of pre-boarding that is they give preference to passengers with small children to board first. This allows you the luxury of comfortably storing away your entire luggage and getting the baby comfortable on the plane. You might also want to board last if your baby is exceptionally fidgety and loves to be rocked while walking. In that case, be the last one to be seated so that you can take a quick stroll down the aisle with the baby. Take the help of another adult if there are two of you travelling. While one can store the luggage, the other adult can see to the needs of the baby.


Make sure you coordinate feedings with takeoff time. Try to feed the baby as the plane takes off. This prevents their ears from popping painfully with the drop in air pressure.

It also keeps your baby’s tummy full. Some infants get cranky while the plane is in mid-air and do not want to eat anything so it makes sense to feed the baby earlier. If you are breast-feeding, take the help of nursing pillows and take the window seat where you will get the necessary privacy from prying eyes.

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Take Help

Air hostesses can be warm and friendly so be quick to hand over the baby if someone offers to help. It will be a pleasant change for you and a much-needed distraction for them. Babies also revel in someone else’s hand.


Give the baby plenty of fluids throughout the journey like milk, fruit juices and water as airplane journeys can be severely dehydrating. Warm feeds can be provided to the baby. Most flight attendants will warm the milk for you if needed. Be careful to check the temperature of the milk as microwave heating can be slightly uneven. Ask the attendant to hold the baby as you visit the lavatory. Most of them will gladly oblige.


Make sure you deplane in the end so that that you do not have to stand with the baby for an indefinite amount of time.