How To Find Your Mr/Miss Right In Dating Chat Rooms

Dating Chat Rooms

Dating Chat Rooms Yes, you might want to ask that, why to search for love online and not the real world, before we get to that answer these simple questions, How to meet Mr/Miss Right in dating chat rooms? Are you pressed for time? Are you constantly juggling between commuting, work life and personal life?

Do you find no time to socialise? Are you bored with those nerve-wrecking and totally awkward blind dates? Do you want this eternal search for special someone to end?

Answer to these entire set of questions is simple: Dating Chat Rooms. All you would need is a computer and internet in place and you could log onto any authentic chat-rooms to get access to millions of like minded people across the globe.

Sounds simple isn’t it? Well it is not. Whereas one can’t deny the popularity and usefulness of dating chat rooms with a few success stories but it has a down side too.

In this article we would read about pros and cons of dating chat rooms and how to find your love in right places.

Pros and Cons of Dating Chat-Rooms

With plethora of websites that offer chat rooms, for people who are single and ready to mingle, to search for authentic website is the very first hurdle. But then, dating chat rooms also offer to meet large number of people in very short time, there are people from every walk of life, someone we might not meet in our daily life.

Online dating is virtual medium where you have no real interaction with other person. Likes, dislikes, behaviour of the person is what he/she wants to portray, whether it is for real or not, remains to be discovered.

But on the upside, dating someone you don’t know at all or have known for lesser time can be as awkward and nerve-wrecking, not every one of us is as confident and great conversationalist as we want to be. In fact when you are chatting with someone online, you can pause, think and re-frame how you want to interact. Also, saying someone No is much easier online, all you have to do is close the window.


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Dating chat rooms is full of surprises; you could meet really sweet people to psychopaths but then is the real world devoid of them? At least while chatting online you can take your sweet time to get to know the person better before actually going and meeting him/her. No pressures no sweat.

How to Search for Love Online : 8 Simple Tips?

By now if you have already decided to begin your quest of love online few tips for dating online would help you.

Choose A Good Username

Search a cool yet descriptive username for you, preferably with name. Your name would give away your gender and that would help saving lot of time introducing whether you are male or female. Avoid exaggerations and over the top usernames like macho, handsome hunk, gorgeous girl etc, remember a donkey praises his own tail.

Log in to Chat Rooms that Charge you a Fee

Try to log on to one which charges a nominal fee. This way possibility of meeting fake people, predators or boots is less. You find people who log onto chat rooms for fun if they are not charged for it.

Make a Interesting Bio

Most of dating websites would ask you to fill up your bio and upload a profile picture. Keep your bio short and sweet,dont exaggerate, avoid jargons and boring details. Upload a picture that has been recently clicked to avoid disappointments later.

Practise a good Pick up Line


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Ping the contact, which you can relate and you feel is authentic. Rather than asking obvious questions about gender, location or age, try starting conversation on a funny or interesting note. Chances are the person would be amused and reply back.

Cut-short the Conversation that Bore You

After chatting for few times if you feel the conversation is not going anywhere, it is better to cut them short rather than hoping that things would get better. Remember you are dating online, saying no here is less awkward. No point wasting your and others’ time.

Give your Phone Number only when you are absolutely sure you want this person in your phone book

Talk to a person few times and only after you are sure about where it is heading, part with personal details like telephone number and locality where you stay. You wouldn’t want to be bothered with a pesky caller, when you decide to move on.

Be Straight forward

Be very forth oming with your intentions. If you are not looking for marriage or commitment, it would be better if you tell the other person so. Even if you are chatting incognito that doesn’t gives you a right to play with someone’s emotions.

Do no ever Give Away your Personal Details

At no point, other than after you have exchanged your marriage vows, you should part away with sensitive information like bank account details, credit card details. It is better to be called a cynical than a fool.

Above everything else trust your heart and instinct, they would definitely guide you to love of your life.