How To Enhance Your Home Wall Decor

How To Enhance Your Home Wall Decor

How To Enhance Your Home Wall Decor Contemporary or modern art adorning your walls can be delectable eye candy for sore eyes. This can be done with a fusion art wall. A cluster of different art works can be framed and put up on your wall to give a warm ambience.

Before you begin to create an art wall, it is important to educate yourself on the nuances of picture framing which can make or break your wall decor. The uniqueness quotient and intricate details of art can be given a different perspective with the help of frames.

Making The Right Choice

Your art will determine the framework of the painting. A modern painting will look horrendous with a carved frame. Similarly old Victorian paintings will look out of place in modern steel frames. Also consider the decor of the room where you put up your paintings.

Bright vivid paintings should be put up in rooms with different coloured wall papers or the kid’s corner where bright paintings will uplift the decor element of the room. Plain frames look great on textured walls. Carved frames complement well with classy, Victorian furniture and decor.

Matting The Painting

The mat is the border between the art and the picture frame. Mats tend to emphasize the overall art and look great on smaller prints. You can alternately try them on larger paintings but be sure to test their effect by placing the picture against a mat of a particular texture or colour. Lighter hues have a magical effect but there is no harm in breaking rules for a funkier outcome.

A black and white painting will look great not only against a white mat but also against a dark one. You are the best person to judge the outcome as beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder. Picture mats are now available in different textures from silk, velvet and suede. Experiment and find out what goes best with your art work.

The Size

The size of the frame does matter. Thicker frames look better on larger paintings. A thick frame on a smaller painting will ruin the effect of the art work. So make sure your paintings have the right sized frame work.

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How you place your art work on the wall matters. Keep symmetry in mind. One single large painting with a classy frame is adequate on a single wall face. For very large walls, try 3-4 paintings with thin frames. Arrange them diagonally, horizontally or in a criss-cross fashion. Break some rules. Mix and match small paintings with larger ones.

Art Walls

Create art walls at places which are oft neglected and become dead areas for beauty. The lobby, stairway wall and the porch are good places. Balcony walls can also adorn art work. The paintings should be similar with identical frames. Place them preferably at eye level so that people can stop to appreciate them.

Place your art diagonally along a stairwell as an interesting variation. Choose the wall where you want to put up your art. Decide how you want to place the paintings. Determine the frames. Put the paintings on the floor to see how they will look in terms of symmetry. Choose frames that will accentuate the paintings. Have a carpenter drill nails and put up your paintings. Alternately go in for the latest hanging system that does not require you to nail the walls.

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