How To Eat Safe While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a time when your body needs the best nutrition, a healthy diet and well balanced meals. You are not just eating for yourself but for the little life that is developing inside your womb.

Hence extra precautions have to be taken, choosing your food intake while being pregnant. There are certain foods which are rich in nutrients and essential minerals and vitamins. On the other hand there are certain foods you need to stay away from when you are expecting.

Here are a few excellent tips to choose your food wisely and eat safely while being pregnant. Not all these foods are prohibited to eat, but yes, you have to take steps to avoid them as much as possible during pregnancy to avoid health risks to you and the baby:

Seafood And Fish With Mercury

Seafood is the most risky food group to have during pregnancy, specially the one that has been refrigerated and smoked. It is contaminated with bacteria responsible for food poisoning.

Fishes that have higher mercury levels pose a potential risk to fetal development and growth. The mercury present in these fishes delay the mental and physical development of the fetus.

The fishes that should be completely avoided are tuna, mackerel and tilefish. For this reason having Sushi should also be avoided as it is made from fishes that contain mercury.

Cut Fruits, Unwashed Vegetables And Raw Salad

Another great source of poisonous bacteria is unwashed and cut fruits and vegetables. Even though salads and vegetables are sources of good nutrition but make sure that the vegetables are washed properly as they might have contamination from pesticides and the soil where they are grown. Fruits that are cut and kept for a longer time also grow bacteria that cause food poisoning.

Stay Away From Alcohol And Caffeine

Alcohol is risky for your pregnancy even if taken in smallest of amount, hence should be completely avoided. Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can hinder the development of the baby in the womb. It is responsible for Fetal Alcohol syndrome and some other brain disorders.

Caffeine though allowed in moderate amount, still is related to dehydration, low fetal birth weight and risk of miscarriage. Hence not more than two cups of coffee or a can of cola should be consumed in a day.

Avoid Soft Cheeses And Raw Eggs

Semi cooked, raw or under cooked eggs are the biggest health hazards for mother and the baby if taken during pregnancy. Raw or uncooked eggs re a sure source of salmonella bacteria responsible for food poisoning.

Most of the egg-based spreads and sauces like mayonnaise and salad dressings contain raw eggs as their main ingredient. These should be consciously avoided during pregnancy. Eggs though a great source of protein should be eaten only in cooked form and when the yolk has been completely done.

Soft and semi pasteurized cheese or dairy product made from goat’s and sheep’s milk should be completely avoided as they have the possibility of bacteria called Listeria responsible for an early miscarriage or potential harm to fetus.