How To Easily Trim Your Baby’s Nails

How To Easily Trim Your Baby's Nails

How To Easily Trim Your Baby's Nails Keeping your baby’s nails short is pretty essential for the safety of your baby and for your relief as well. While you might find his/her nails soft and pliable, but they are sharp enough to make scratches. Also, they tend to grow quickly than yours and demand frequent trimming and cutting.

Clipping off your baby’s nail is itself challenging as kids wriggle a lot and are barely controllable. Besides the concern of sharpness, certain impurities that are introduced inside the big nails, is another issue that shouldn’t be left unsorted. If you are trying to figure out the easiest possible way to trim your baby’s nails, read the article and find out yourself:

The Right Time To Clip off Your Baby’s Nails

As what any child specialists would suggest, the best time to trim your baby’s nail is when he is sleeping. Because he will be in his deep sleep, he/she won’t notice anything happening to his/her hands, making your work easier than ever.

After a Warm Bath

Another workable option is trimming his nails right after a warm bath. Give your baby a warm bath before he/she goes to bed. As he/she falls asleep, silently trim his/her nails without waking him up.

Make Use of Your Partner

You could also use your partner to help you out. While you are cutting his nails, your spouse will be holding his/her hands so that your child won’t fidget and wriggle unnecessarily during the trimming process. Distract your baby with something he loves or feed him/her while you work on his/her nails. That will channelize his/her concentration on eating or talking to someone and he/she will let you hold his/her arms still.

What Precautions Should You Take While Trimming Your Baby’s Nails?

Before trimming his nails, make sure your baby is not fidgeting or physically active with his/her hands and feet as this might cause accident. Furthermore, never trim your baby’s nails in an under-lighted area. Choose the room where sufficient light is available and you are not struggling for light while trimming his/her nails off.

If you accidentally nick your baby’s skin (that happens to everyone, so don’t be too hard on yourself!), use a sterile gauze pad over the affected area to stop the bleeding. However, never put a bandage around the cut.

Babies lack muscle control and it’s only a matter of time when their fingers will be inside their mouth. This inevitably will cause the bandage to be misplaced or go uncovered. Always use bandage products that are approved for children because they are usually made form nontoxic material and are easily sloughed off when the cut is healed.

Consider buying a baby clipper or baby nail scissor rather using an ordinary adult clipper that you use for yourself. Many baby clippers come with magnifying glass that allow safe and easier trimming of your baby’s nails. Never bite your baby’s nails with your mouth to shape up his nails. It’s contagious and likely to cause infection. Better use an emery board to round any rough edges of the nails. Simply, file them down until the nails are sharply even and not jagged.

Keep these simple details in your mind and you work will be done in no time.

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