How To Dress Sexy When You Are A Size 16

Size 16 Look sexy

Size 16 Look sexy It is commonly observed that only extremes of a condition acquire fame. If an actor is too hot or too cool, it’s only then he will be talked about. Similarly, if a woman is either size 0 or size 16, only then she will be a hot topic!.

For a size zero, reviews could be positive. But for a size 16, they may not be so positive. Usually ladies with a size 16 feel embarrassed about their weight and hide it underneath loose polyester. If you are one of them then read on for tips, which will help you dress, to kill:

Feel good

First and foremost, feel good about yourself. Do not lose confidence just because you are a bit plumper than the woman standing next to you in a shop. Confidence shows on your face. If you do not feel good about yourself you won’t be happy. The lack of happiness will ultimately show on your face. Why to deprive your complexion of that glow? Accept yourself.

Dress yourself


Drape or shift dresses in soft sheen or chiffon should occupy the major chunk of your wardrobe. They just fall on your figure and make it look beautiful. If you can, prefer wearing knee length dresses.

Dress for size 16


If you are fond of wearing skirts, go for A-cuts or body hugs, but in soft material. They look like a dream.


Wear over all print dresses. They disguise the accumulated cellulite, in the different parts of the body. Moreover, the attention moves to the dress from your body.


For an occasion, wear off-shoulder gowns clutched below your busts. Accessorize with a simple necklace and studs. If you are short then tie your hair in a bun and look tall and lean.

Capris and blouses

Soft cotton capris will not make your thighs look obese. Choose body fitted floral print blouses. Wear embroidered blouses like the ones with a lace and others. They add a delicate touch to your look and enhance its feminity.


Ensure you choose right colors when purchasing clothes. Colors like Orange, yellow, blue, turquoise, peach, black and lighter shades of red look amazing in their absolute form. Pastels should be your favorite any day. They make you look lighter and elegant.


Try on every pair of earrings or danglers you purchase. Hoops look the best and will go with anything. Long danglers will go on specific attires. Studs are all time favorite especially in pearl or diamond.

Looking sensuous is not difficult if you dress correctly. While applying make-up, work on your eyes. They should stand out on your chubby face. It’s like the icing on the cake, the final touch to complete your sexy look. Pumps should be your favorite party footwear. They give a sense of elongation to your legs.

Last but not the least, smile a lot and laugh whole heartedly, no matter whatever way you are dressed in. Remember that learning to value yourself is the first step towards achieving happiness. A happy woman is the sexiest!

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