How To Do Cat Eyes With Liquid Eyeliner

Ways To Do Cat Eyes With Liquid Eyeliner

From models on fashion runways to celebrities, the sexy cat eyes makeup is popular among one and all. It refers to the eye liner which is applied as a thin line from the inner lash line and tends to get thicker as the line extends towards the crease. The outer edge is then curved up and out to create a dramatic and seductive eye makeup look.

To create the perfect cat eyes you will need to know how to apply your eyeliner precisely. Although it does require practice and some knowledge of the application, cat eye makeup is actually quite simple and gives you that seductive look in a matter of seconds. You can create this look with a liquid, gel, cream or pencil eyeliner. However most people and makeup artists prefer using liquid eye liners as these eye liners create a thicker, more vibrant line than pencil eye liners. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do cat eyes with liquid eyeliner to get perfectly alluring eyes.

Get Alluring Cat Eye Using Liquid Eye Liner

Things You Need

Eyelash Curler

For the cat eyes you will need a few makeup essentials which include a liquid eye liner preferably in black, brown or other dark shades. Along with this you will need mascara, eyelash curler and an eye makeup remover along with some cotton swabs. Along with this you will need an eye shadow primer which keeps the colors more long lasting and vibrant.

Prepare your Eyelids

Clean and moisturize your lids before applying the makeup. Apply eye shadow primer on the lids, blend it well and then dust on some loose powder on top. The eye shadow base or primer will allow the eyeliner to stay on longer than usual and also intensify the color of your eye makeup. All you need to do is dab on some primer on your lids and blend properly.

Eye Shadow

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Apply Eyeliner

Look into the mirror while you draw the cat eyes and then take the liquid liner brush out of the brush. Keeping the brush close to the lash line, apply the eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyelids to the outer corner. Ensure that the line is extremely thin in the inner corner of your eyes and as you move outwards allow the line to get thicker. This will help in adding a dramatic touch to your cat eyes. At the end of the line, curve the liner upwards with a sharp flick of the wrist. If you are not confident about getting a straight line, then create short dashes along the lash line and then join them. Thicken the liner slightly as you retrace the line again.


Finish up your dramatic cat eyes makeup by curling your lashes using an eyelash curler and then apply a coat of mascara on your lashes. Apply cream eye shadow in bold dramatic colors like copper and black to complete your sexy makeup. Couple up your dramatic eye makeup with neutral lipstick and blush shades for a gorgeous celebrity look.