How To Do A HCG Pregnancy Test

human chorionic gonadotropin

human chorionic gonadotropin A pregnancy test helps a women to know whether she is pregnant or not.The indication of pregnancy is available in the urine and blood sample and the test needs any one sample to determine it.In 1930,it was discovered that human chrorionic gonadotropin is present in the urine when the woman in pregnant.HCG is prodiced by the trophoblast cells of the fertilizied ovaries in a female body.

Although the presence of HCG in urine is one of the reliable source of pregnancy in a woman but it cannot be said with 100% accuracy as implantation has to take place after its presence is detected in the urine sample.The results can be false when this test is done in the very early stage of pregnancy.


The one step test of HCG is done to evaluate the presence of HCG in the urine sample and to determine the pregnancy. This test can be done in three ways which are discussed here:

The way to use these instructions differs from professional to domestic usage.

Types Of Test

Strip Test

The strip test is one of the tests to determine the presence of HCG in urine. Bring a pouch that contains the strip and keep it in a temperature of 18 degrees to 30degreess.

determine the presence of HCG

Now to take the test,open the sealed pouch and immerse the strip into urine so that the arrow points towards the urine.Be alert so that the max line is not getting immersed into it. After three seconds,take out the strip and put it on a dry and clean area.

Cassette Test

A cassette is available to give the test results accurately. To take this test,put the urine sample into the provided pipette and dispense around 0.2 ml which is approx 5 drops of urine into the dropping well of the cassette.

Midstream Test

The third type of test to determine the presence of HCG in urine is a midstream test. To do this,hold the round end cover if the kit,With the other hand take out the test device and bring it to the absorbent window.Now point the absorbent tip downward and put the tip of the absorbent into the urine stream for ten seconds so that it becomes completely wet.

midstream test

Or else you can collect your urine sample in a container and dip absorbent pad into the urine for at least ten seconds.Now re cap the device and put it on a clean and dry surface. Hold the round end of cover with one hand. Use the other hand to pull out the test device and expose the absorbent window.


The results of all three tests can be observed by observing the colored bands on all these test devices. Now wait for the colored bands to become visible. It depends on the concentration of HCg in the sample to give results sooner.

If a good amount of HCg is present in your urine then the results will come in 40 seconds. But to confirm the negative results, you must wait for atleast 5 minutes. Ignore the results after ten minutes as urine spreads in the device and the results become invalid.

Interpretation Of results

Interpretation Of results

Negative results: The results are negative when a single color will appear in the control region. There is no another color band on the test device as the concentration of HCg is not present in the sample or maybe it’s too low to appear.


The results are invalid when there are no visible bands in the control lines. The results normally come within seconds and avoid considering results of more than 8-10 minutes as the spread of urine in the test device makes the results invalid. The above mentioned instructions can be used to get the best results for the presence of Hcg in the urine sample and test your pregnancy.

Positive Results

The results are positive and pregnancy exists when distinct color bands appear on the test device. The visibility of two control lines indicates the presence of pregnancy.

Positive Results

The intensity of the visibility of the second color depends on the amount of concentration of HCg in urine. So don’t worry if one control line is dull in color.

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