How To Design A Study Room

study room design ideas

study room design ideas A study room is a vital part of the house where the kids can study whereas the adults can do their paperwork or read during the leisure time. You should design the study room in such a way that it provides a peaceful and comfortable environment for the dwellers.

You should use soft and limited colors, appropriate furniture like desk, chair, book shelf, computer table, etc. and proper white lights. Some of the interesting study room design tips are given in this article:

Tips To Design a Study Room

Suitable Paint Colors

Color plays an important role in determining the look of the room. You should choose soothing colors like white, beige, green and blue tones as they keep your mind relaxed. You can, however, highlight one or two of the walls with complementing dark colors like brown, royal blue, sap green, brick red, grey, black, purple, rust orange, etc. It is better to avoid aqua blue as it creates a cold environment and dark red, yellow, etc. as they create excess energy.

Complementing Designs

Some people love to experiment with different themes while designing their study rooms. They can choose from themes like safari (animals, plants and rock designs), animated graphics in 2D and 3D (Disney characters, geometric patterns and other cartoons) and painted designs (books, stationeries, arithmetic symbols, etc.). You should not combine too many designs as they can create a clumsy look.

Complementing Furniture

The next step is to arrange furniture in the study room. The furniture should be simple with less number of designs and ornamentations. You can use square or rectangular shaped wooden or ply desk, file cabinet, book shelf, etc. You should make the sitting arrangement comfortable by including straight back chairs along with the desk.

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You can also include dark colored couches, recliners, coffee tables, etc. for relaxation purpose. You can use various kinds of patterns like honey comb, diamond, zigzag stripes, etc. for the book shelves. Glass doors are suitable for the shelves and cabinets as they will show your collection of books.

Appropriate Lights

Appropriate lights are extremely essential for a room as they directly affect the eyes. You should neither use extremely hard yellow lights nor dim and pale lights. White bulbs, tube lights, monochromatic white chandelier lights, etc. are suitable for a study room. You should also choose simple light fixers mainly in white, steel and black colors. The room should also be provided with big windows for allowing natural sunlight and fresh air to enter the place.

Important Accessories

You can use simple yet stylish accessories for decorating the study room. For example, you can place a flower vase or a sculpture at one corner of the room. You can use one or two paintings, photo frames and show pieces for decorating the walls and shelves respectively. You can also put a bulletin board beside your desk for sticking pictures, quotes, important dates, exam routines, etc. The entire study room looks incomplete without books. Thus, you should include story books, novels, journals, magazines, encyclopedias, etc. along with your course books and office files.