How To Decorate Your Master Bedroom In English Country Style

Ways To Decorate Your Master Bedroom

If you are bored with the way your bedroom looks and are looking for a great way to make it look fresh and bright then decorating it in the English country style can be a great option for you.

If sleek, minimalist and modern is not your style and you are more of a traditionalist who prefers a warm and cozy room where there can be a stream of sunlight through large windows then the English country style bedroom is the perfect theme for redoing your bedroom. Just like the English, it is all about looking extremely inviting and comfortable and being very traditional at that too.

Choosing the Right Colors

Choosing the Right Colors

The English country style bedrooms are all about the warmth and the comfort and so you must draw your inspiration from soft and natural hues. Colors like beige, hazel, butter, blue, pastel green, and such other earthy and soothing color tones will help you create the perfect idyllic English setting in your own home! If you do not like monotonous colors on the wall then you can simple add some soft toned wallpaper on one wall to add a dash of variety while sticking to the theme of earthy and natural. Wallpapers with floral touches or traditional English murals are a great option so choose well.

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Deciding On the Furniture

Deciding On the Furniture

The furniture is the most important element of your bedroom as it helps you assert the theme of your décor. For the English country side bedroom you should purchase traditional English beds to add the wonderful warmth and coziness that an English home exudes!  Choose natural wood furniture with intricate wood carving work done for that authentic and rich English look. If you plan on making the furniture then you should opt for oak wood as is traditionally used by the English. A great idea would be to go for large four poster beds that look extremely regal and are very classically English. However, if your bedroom is small with limited space then it is better advised that you avoid the four poster bed as it can make your room look small and cluttered. Add in some wooden bookshelves to give your bedroom a more homely feel.

Accessorizing Your Bedroom The English Way

Just coloring it and adding the right furniture is not enough to get the right English country home effect. You have to add English elements to your bedroom to get the authentic feel.  You can embellish your large windows with soft and flowing curtains that will allow ample daylight to play in the room. Use soft natural shades but not the exact ones as your wall colors. Add a lot of cushions onto your bed to make it look even more inviting. The plumper your bed looks, the better it is.

Accessorizing Your Bedroom

To make the room more homely add some beautiful handmade English rugs around the room. It can brighten up your room instantly. If you have a fire place then add some small antique pieces or simply add some family souvenirs on the mantel piece. The English love hanging decorative plates on their walls, if you have beautiful china ware that you hardly use then you can use it as wall hangings in your bedroom. Using these simple tips you can give your bedroom a brand new look the traditional English country style!