How To Decorate Your Indoor Foyer

How To Decorate Your Indoor Foyer

How To Decorate Your Indoor Foyer The foyer into your house is a very important part of a well decorated home. Although you may think that it is not as important to decorate the foyer, remember it is the first thing that your guests will see when they enter the house.

So you need to pay close attention to how you do your foyer so that your guests have a pleasant impression of your house when they enter.

A foyer can be decorated very artistically. But usually the foyer is a narrow entrance which you have to utilize to your advantage. Learn how to decorate and dress up the walls that lead into your foyer.

Colors and Decorations

If you like to use your wall to make a statement you can color it in bold colors like wine red, rich purple or even black to give it a ultra modern and chic look. Dress up your walls with exotic masks from all over the world. Use Moroccan masks to dress up the walls as they are considered to be a good way of warding off evil. It will give a wonderful artistic impression about your house.

If your foyer is dark without much of natural light then do not use dark colors as it will make your foyer look smaller. Rather use light pleasant shades to add a brighter element. Use beige, pastel shades like buttercup yellow, pink or blue to liven it up. Add pretty paintings on the walls, or better still add a few pictures from your family albums to give a more personal touch. Not only will it make your walls appear happy, but your guests will also have a cheerful experience on walking through your foyer.

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Using Flowers Well

Flowers can cheer up even the dullest of all rooms. So use it well. If you have space enough for adding a narrow table then it is best that you enhance it with a vase of bright and fresh flowers.  Adding a few souvenirs too will also help make your foyer look artistic. You can use Feng Shui elements to add an element of peace and tranquility to your house.

Using a money plant or even a bamboo tree is considered very auspicious in Feng Shui to usher in peace and prosperity to your house. If you are spiritually inclined then you can add a statue of Buddha in your foyer and it will have a wonderful spirituality ushered in through your doorway.

Other ideas

If you think the lighting in your foyer is inadequate then you can light up the area with an interesting Victorian chandelier that will be suspended from the ceiling. If you have space in the foyer you can add a small armchair with lots of decorative cushions to add a splash of color.

Mirrors can dress up a dull wall. So use ornate mirrors on the walls of your foyer. You can add a single statement piece or add small mirrors that you have collected from around the wall to dress up your walls.

Make sure that you do not add unnecessary clutter to your walls and the foyer. Make sure your foyer does not open to an unsightly view of your kitchen or a bathroom. If there is a kitchen or a bathroom right upfront use a curtain to keep it out of the view of your guests.