How To Decorate Kids Bathrooms

How To Decorate Kids Bathrooms

Making your kids bathroom more interesting and enhancing its décor is a very interesting and interactive task. It can be easily done by adding few small and safe accessories to it. The accessories can be as simple as changing the shower curtain to putting decorative tiles. But before you start your own thought process for the makeover and decoration sit down with your child and ask them about their preferences. If they have any particular ideas for their bathroom try to imply them. For example get them a pair of personalized towels and shower curtain of their favorite color. Following are the guidelines which you might like to consider when decorating your kid’s bathroom. To make it easy let us start from the scratch. After you had a discussion with your kid and noted down his/ her preferences, start the makeover process.

1) Always prefer a neutral and eye soothing color as a base color for the kids bathroom. You can paint the walls in single color or else you can also use a combination of two. Use gloss or semi-gloss paint specially formulated for use in bathrooms. The most preferable colors are the neutral colors like sky blue, off white and beige.

2) Add a dash of color and pictures to the bathroom walls. This will make the kid to feel as its personal space. Always keep in mind that the space is less and do not overdo with too much of pictures and patterns. Select easy care wall coverings like tiles and vinyl wallpapers.

PicturesTto The Bathroom Walls

3) Add some colorful fabric to the kid’s bathroom. The best option would be to make some bespoke and interesting curtains and valance. Alternatively you can buy some matching one’s too from the market. 4)To make it more private consider using try using window blinds with a simple valance on top of it. You can get a window blind which actually goes well with the shower curtain and the bathroom walls.

There are several window blinds available in the markets which are especially designed for the kids. Look for such ones.

5) If the kid’s bathroom is attached with his/ her room, try to coordinate both. For instance put some matching cabinet handles and drawer pulls, such that it goes well with the bathroom décor. This will make your kid more happy and comfortable. It will make him understand the concept of “my space” from a very early age.

6) Get some interesting bathroom accessories like towel ring and holders of different shapes. Kids are usually attracted to such objects. You have to keep in mind that these should be safe enough and easily accessible to the kids.

7) You can make the kid’s bathroom more interesting and informative by personalizing the shower curtains, walls and towels. For example you can have a shower curtain which tells about the English alphabets. Or else you can get towels which show the count from 1 to 10.

Kid’s Bathroom

8 ) Safety first. Before you go for some fancy bathmats, always keep in mind that they should be of non slippery texture and the safest one. Do not compromise on safety over design and pattern. Get some bathmat which goes well with the other color and patterns in the bathroom.

9) To reach the sink or climb up to the bathtub, the kids will need a safe and strong tool. The stool can be of plastic or wood, but plastic one is preferable. The plastic one is lighter, can be found in different colors. So you can choose one which matches with the bathroom décor.

10) Select interesting and colorful toothbrush stands. This will attract the kids and make them brush twice a day without you even asking them!

11) Always opt for gentle baby bath products, as the skin of your kid is still very tender. The harsh soaps and shampoos can affect their skin and bubble up skin allergies and rashes. However you decorate your kid’s bathroom, try to keep it simple, safe, less clumsy and most importantly always clean. This will help your kid learn the healthy and cleanliness habit sooner.

Decorate Your Kid’s Bathroom