How To Decorate A Photo Gallery

How To Decorate a Photo Gallery

How To Decorate a Photo Gallery Do you have an album full of photos or a lot of loose pictures stored untidily in a box and have no time to go through them? Frame them and put them on the wall to add warmth to your room and create a central point.

These pictures from your childhood, holidays, outings, travel and special occasions like wedding and  children’s birthdays will all bring back hordes of memories.

Prepare Well

First plan your picture gallery before you frame them or hang them.  Keep your craft papers, scissors and painter’s tape handy to arrange the pictures on the wall till you are satisfied with the arrangement. Get them framed before putting them up. You may even arrange them on the floor or table with proper spacing. Once you like it, take a picture of it to remember what goes where.

Try to create some drama by placing a blowup in the middle, surrounded by other pictures. Arrange picture of different sizes against each other to break the monotony.

Mix and Match

Use frames in different sizes and dimensions to add depth to your space. Mix long, square, rectangle, round frames for a better effect. Hang some vertically, other horizontally. Combine wooden, metal, canvas and other frames imaginatively.

Arrange Creatively

Use alternate sizes against each other on the staircase. A large picture can be framed by a group of smaller ones to create a harmony. Keep equal space between the pictures for a sophisticated look. Keep in mind the size of the wall before hanging the pictures. Do not hang smaller pictures too high. Try to keep the pictures at the eye level.

Arrange your best or most favourite photos on the console or side table so that visitors can get a closer look. Balance a large picture on the chest of drawers by placing a bunch of small ones on the other. Create a multi-dimensional effect by overlapping photos of varied sizes.

Group Photos

A photo display looks cohesive and neat when they belong to the same category. A cluster of black and white portraits with similar frames and neatly arranged on a long shelf will look striking.

If your style is eclectic, go ahead and randomly mix various pictures. Grouping different pictures on the same theme or similar colour palette will bind them together.

Where to Decorate

Most people love to hang pictures on the wall behind the sofa. This instantly forms a focal point. A bright sofa can be balanced with black and white picture arrangement on a neutral coloured wall.

Create a point of interest on the wall adjacent to your dinning table. A wall filled with pictures depicting your life story will immediately create interest among your visitors and keep you in touch with various events in your past.

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The staircase, the porch, a passage or even a foyer can be brightened up with picture arrangements. Your son or daughter would also love a décor arrangement with a picture gallery of themselves in their room.

Out of the Box

Think differently when decorating with pictures. If you are a private person and do not want to showcase your personal life to the world, decorate with other pictures. Collect images of flowers, nature, movie stars, graphic prints from old calendars, picture post cards and magazines to create a collage and get the conversation flowing at the parties.

Pictures of birds, animals, flowers etc can also be arranged in an ingenious way. Scan pictures of ferns and decorative leaves and print blowups before framing in groups.