How To Decorate A Luxury Home Interiors

How To Decorate A Luxury Home Interiors

How To Decorate A Luxury Home Interiors Past few years has been a boom time for the interior designers who were into decoration of Luxury Homes. The celebrities and upper class want a new and stylish home decor for their luxury homes.

The Celebrity Home decorators have been on their toes for past few years to create something out of the box and unique for each and every luxury home.

Trends in Decoration of Luxury Homes

The fresh look of the house along with purity creates the most eye catching and luxurious effect in the house. People are fond of displaying and living in the luxurious ambience of their home.

They want excess of golden and silver look in their homes and such homes have a lot of combination of white and black in their house. Lycra is being used to decorate the interiors of the house. Even the steel furniture should create an elegance and style in the luxury homes.

Luxury Materials for Decor

Even the owner of “ The White Window” Twinkle Khanna certifies that the latest trend has a multi layering of various materials to create sheer luxury in the home. All the spaces of the house should be totally different from the others.
Every affluent Indian wants a rich and luxurious look for their house which should be inimitable and only one of its kind. They want that the furniture style and the decorative everything should be matchless and rare.  While buying anything for the interior of their luxurious home they want it to depict their style statement in an elite way.

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Interior Decor of Luxury Homes

Interior Decorator Zarine Khan says that two kinds of people visit her for selective decor: first are the young people who want a rich look with straight lines for the decor. The tiles of their home should be fashionable and the interior should have a lot of bling. On the other hand second kind of people is senior people who want traditional look for their interiors like mirror work, antique carved chairs and heavy curtains. The elite example of true fusion is a luxury home which has Ultra contemporary designs along with a lot of antique pieces.

 Furniture for Luxury Homes

The Baroque look is being adopted in ultra modern Luxury homes, the look comprises of just single piece of Baroque furniture like Black skin carpet with white chair or silver sofa.

The steel furniture with dull rustic look is not in vogue any more. It has been replaced by black oxidised steel which is attractive and shiny too. The centre table tops have black and white basic colours with Italian Marble finishing.
Now theme rooms and designs are not liked by rich class like country style kitchens are outdated now and Mixes are in fashion.

For smaller flats with lower budget still go for spacious look and clean straight lines and the biggest luxury which is still hot is space. The Luxury home interiors should accommodate all the ideas and equipments of luxury in the limited space. They want a breathing space too amongst all these luxuries which is a task for interior decorators.

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