How to Deal With Skin Problems During Pregnancy

Skin Problems During Pregnancy

Skin Problems During Pregnancy Pregnancy is a life changing experience for women. The experience is both good and bad in terms of changes that take place in the body. Changes in skin are one of the most annoying aspects and mind you, stretching is one of the simplest problems. Changes in the skin of a pregnant woman start at the onset of the second trimester, i.e. the 4th month.

The changes occur due to hormonal changes taking place within the body. I am trying to list out some of the problems here and how to tackle them.

Dealing Skin Problems During Pregnancy

Stretching of Skin

The belly skin starts stretching by the end of first trimester when the baby is rapidly growing inside the womb. Skin over other parts of your body like hip, thighs, breasts, arms may also start stretching as you gain weight. The stretch marks left behind after delivery may be light or ugly, depending on your skin. Here heredity plays a bigger role than any of the creams you might use!! Try lightly massaging your abdomen with coconut oil 5th month onwards to have lighter marks.


Itching of skin on any part of the body is quite common and may get severe in some women. Try to keep your skin as hydrated as possible using heavy duty moisturizers. If that doesn’t help and itching persists, ask your doctor for prescription lotions. Avoid too hot or too cold shower as that tends to aggravate dryness.


It’s not that you are always at the receiving end of the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Many women who have had acne since adolescence find it gone during pregnancy.

How to Deal With Skin Problems During Pregnancy

On the other hand, many women develop acne at this time. Try the usual anti-acne treatment. Just be sure that whatever products you are using are safe for use during pregnancy. Also remember, acne will clear up post pregnancy.

Sensitivity to Sun

As your pregnancy progresses, your skin might become more and more sensitive to sun. Avoid going out in the sun if that’s the case. If you have to go, use sunscreen with minimum 15 SPF and use parasol or hat to protect your face. In spite of all precautions, if your skin appears sun burnt, don’t panic. Keep the area hydrated at all times to avoid itching and wait for it to go away after the baby is born.

Mask of Pregnancy

If your skin becomes too sensitive to sun, dark pigments might appear on your nose, cheeks and forehead. This is called the mask of pregnancy and fades away with time after delivery. The downside is that sun blocks are not too effective in this case, so avoid going out in the sun. cover your face if it is necessary to venture out.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are small folds of skin formed in some women on breasts, under armpits, or on necks. These skin tags don’t go away by themselves. They have to be removed using minor surgical procedure post delivery.

The Linea Nigra

You must have noticed a faint line running from your navel to the pubic area. It is called the linea nigra and fades away once the baby is born.