How To Deal With Postpartum Aches And Pains

combating postpartum aches

combating postpartum aches A new mother rarely needs to go to the gym after her pregnancy. Toting a heavy baby all over the place is a work out in itself. Carrying a baby in your womb or in your arms after birth can trigger a host of aches and pains in your body, which can become chronic if they are not remedied.

As long as you remain the major source of transportation for the baby, aches and pains will occur. Here are some ways of nipping them in the bud.

Dealing With Postpartum Aches And Pains

Work Off the Weight

Carrying a heavy baby is taxing enough. Extra flab on your body will only exacerbate the problem of aches and pains. Breast-feeding is no excuse to skip exercise. Exercise in a healthy way by eating nutritious fruit and working towards gradual weight loss through simple yet efficient exercises.


Incorporate exercises that strengthen your back and core. Do abdominal strengthening and back strengthening exercises, as these are the two muscle groups, which take the maximum toll during pregnancy. At the same time, incorporate fat burning aerobic activity like a brisk walk or cycling. Do consult your doctor first.

Position while Feeding

How you feed the baby matters. Make sure you feed the baby in a position that is comfortable to both you and the baby. Feeding the baby in a position that is comfortable to him/her while straining your back is not recommended. So if you feel comfortable feeding your baby in a reclining position, do so. Do not slouch. Make sure you have enough pillows to support your back while you feed the baby. Do not cross your legs while feeding the baby as it only adds to the pressure.

Lift and Bend Smart

You will be doing more lifting and bending than ever before. Picking up the baby and bending to pick up the toys strewn around will strain your back if not done properly. Bend from the knees while picking up anything. Keep your back straight. If you are lifting something heavy make sure the weight is on your arms and legs and not on your back.

Sleep Smart

Make sure you sleep on a firm mattress that does not strain your back and shoulder muscles. If pillows are not your scene, sleep flat on the mattress without one. If the bed is too soft, change your mattress. Try to sleep on your back and sides to ease any kind of pressure on the joints.

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Step Up

Use a makeshift staircase or a ladder to get things from places, which are out of your reach. Do not try to stretch as this can pull a muscle. Use a stool instead.

Take Mamma’s Help

Your mum can be your biggest source of support right now. Use her help to finish off chores while you recover completely. A mother’s love and support comes with no strings attached no matter how badly off you are.

Pushing the Pram

Push the pram at a height where holding the handles is comfortable to you. Slouching while pushing the pram is not recommended.


Use a hot water bottle or heating pad on sore and aching muscles to give temporary relief.

Use a Sling

Carry the baby in a sling, which will take the pressure off your back and abdominal muscles.

Try to take as much rest as you can. Remember that this is one period when you need all the rest and pampering.