How To Deal With Common Memory Problems

How To Deal With Common Memory Problems

How To Deal With Common Memory Problems Several studies have shown that with time, our brain ages just like our body. Hence, as we grow older, our mental faculties become duller. However, the extent to which memory problems occur vary from one person to another.

While some people experience memory loss from the age of 50-60, there are others who may face this at a much later date. However, with age, most people are subject to suffer from problems related to memory. These problems are faced due to many reasons and there are also ways in which one can deal with them effectively.

Dealing with Memory Problems

The following points will tell you about the common memory problems and what causes them.

Causes of Memory Problems

One of the first things that most often leads to memory problems is too much stress, depression and anxiety. If there is a lot of pressure on the brain then we may start to forget little things. If a person has been suffering from stress and anxiety for a prolonged period of time then the memory loss can also become permanent. Too much stress on the mind can also result in lack of concentration. When a person starts to recover from a state of heavy stress or depression, the memory problems will also start to fade away. Another mental problem is Alzheimer’s disease where a person suffers from dementia. This disease has a detrimental effect on the brain leading to the loss of memory.


Among women, menopause is a stage when they go through a lot of physical changes due to the alterations in the levels of estrogen. These physical changes also affect the emotional well being of a woman. During menopause, a woman frequently goes through mood swing and bouts of depression, irritability and lack of concentration, which take a toll on her mental health. Therefore these reasons may also result in common memory problems.

Other Reasons

Some other factors that lead to memory problems include – a heavy injury to the head, electroconvulsive therapy, drugs, alcohol and even certain physical conditions such as thyroid, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anemia and so on.

 Ways to Improve Your Memory

While there are many factors that may contribute to the loss of memory, there are also ways in which you can try to enhance your memory.

One of the best ways to enhance and improve your memory is to exercise your brain. Exercising the brain helps to keep your mind fresh and active. You can exercise your mind by solving riddles, numerical puzzles, crosswords or even reading and learning literature.

Secondly, a balanced diet which includes nutrients and proteins is something that is very beneficial in keeping your mind healthy. Along with a balanced diet, getting sufficient amount of sleep is also necessary so that your mind receives rest and is able to recharge itself.

Finally, de-stressing is also very helpful when it comes to rejuvenating your mind. You can go for massages or do yoga to make both your mind and body relax.