How To Cure Skin Irritation After Threading Eyebrows

Ways To Cure Threading Eyebrows Threading is a method of removing hair from the eyebrows for giving it a good shape and look. It is commonly done by beauty practitioners and can be painful at times. It is done by using a cotton string which is held between the teeth and fingers of the practitioner and that string is used to pull out the facial hair from the eyebrows.

It is an easy and natural method of removing facial hair. Here we are talking about the threading process and how to take care after the treatment of the eyebrows. Once the threading is done, the skin sometimes tends to burn and itch. I have listed some methods you can use to cure that irritation and help keep your skin healthy.

Ways To Cure Skin Irritation After Threading Eyebrows

Cooling The Skin

Cool The Skin After Threading Eyebrows Once the process is done the skin around the eyebrows starts to irritate and burn. Hence, it is important to cool the skin down. Ice is effective, in most beauty parlors they massage a cooling gel or cream on the area threaded after the completion of the process. This helps reduce the burning sensation right away. In case your beauty practitioner does not apply any cooling gel or cream ask her/him to or do it yourself. Once you are home and your eyebrows itch, apply ice and wipe with cotton and then apply a cooling gel like aloevera.

Cure The Pain

Cure The Pain After Threading Eyebrows You need to be cautious about the skin after the threading procedure. If you have sensitive skin you may be prone to irritation, cuts, burns and pimples. If you have developed such a painful aftermath, you should treat the pain. Compress the eyebrows with lukewarm water everyday before going for a bath. This cleans the affected area and prevents the formation of pimples further. Cleaning any skin rupture or damage is important for fast recovery. After coming back from the shower pour some Hydrogen Peroxide on a cotton and dab the affected area slowly.


Moisturize After Threading Eyebrows You need to moisturize your skin daily and if your skin is irritating then get a good medicated cream over-the-counter and apply on the affected area before going to bed. like mentioned earlier it is important to clean the skin, it is also important to hydrate the skin to help cure the irritation in and around the eyebrows. Drink plenty of water to speed up the process. Water is a blessing to us. It is the best medicine for any kind of skin problem.

Natural Remedy

Natural Remedy After Threading Eyebrows Go vegan by using something natural. The mixture of milk and vitamin E is a god gifted remedy for any kind of skin irritation and problems. You can get vitamin E capsules or vitamin E oil at pharmaceutical shops. Mix 3 teaspoons of milk and break one vitamin E capsule into the milk, in case you find vitamin E oil, add about 1 teaspoon of it into the milk and mix. Apply this mixture after cleaning the face properly with a mild face wash. Apply this mixture daily to get results faster.

Avoid Sunlight

Avoid Sunlight After Threading Eyebrows Exposure to sunlight can harm your skin in many ways. After any beauty treatment on the face or skin it is essential to avoid any kind of prolonged sun exposure. My advice, stay indoors and treat the irritation on the skin or you may develop pimples and scars on the area around the eyebrows. In case you need to step outdoors, apply a good sun block and always carry an umbrella. Threading Eyebrows