How To Cure Skin Allergies Naturally

How To Cure Skin Allergies Naturally

How To Cure Skin Allergies Naturally Skin allergies are one of the most widespread health problems that are faced by a lot of people. Not only is it common among adults, but also among infants and children. In simple terms, allergy of the skin can be defined as red rashes caused by the sensitivity of the skin to certain objects or food products.

However, the inflammation is not contagious. Skin allergies can also be caused due to adverse effects of some cosmetics or fragrances or by coming in contact with some fabrics. It makes the skin red and you might also suffer from itchiness and a burning sensation. An acute form of skin allergy can also lead to problems of asthma and rise in the body temperature.

Swelling of the skin is another prevalent symptom that you can see during this ailment. A professional consultation is recommended in such a case. Medications and drugs are effective but not totally safe and can leave some side effects on the body. Natural and homemade remedies are something that acts as a good substitute and will also give you instant results. They are free from all kinds of adverse effects as well. Here are the ideal natural remedies that one should follow in a situation if skin allergy. Researches have proved the efficiency of these therapies and made sure that it treats your problem well.

Natural Treatments for Skin Allergies

Sandalwood and Lime Juice Combo

Mix in sandalwood powder with some lime juice and apply this paste on the skin allergy for a soothing effect. Follow this remedy until and unless the problem totally subsides. Using this natural paste once everyday will help you a long way in curing it.

Mashed Papaya Seeds

Apply a smooth and a fresh paste of papaya seeds on the affected areas if you are suffering from a lot of itching issues. This will give you relief from the problem as well as gradually clear the allergies on the skin.

Coconut oil and Lemon Juice

Make a simple mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice and apply on the rashes. This is one of the perfect home remedies that you can follow where skin troubles are concerned.

Fruits Beneficial for the Skin

There are some fruits that will only help in triggering the cure of skin allergy but also prevent it to a great extent by boosting your immune system. These fruits include plums, grapes, melon, apples and orange. As a dual benefit, these fruits also add glow to the skin without much effort.

Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol and Smoke

A strict no-no to habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and drinks like tea and coffee is advisable when you are facing issues of skin allergies. This will only help in giving you quicker results.

Drink Abundant Water

Water is known for cleansing and detoxifying the entire body system. It removes all the impurities from the body and boosts normal functioning.

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This is one of the simplest remedies that you can follow where any health issue is concerned including skin allergies. 10-15 glasses of water are recommended for effective outcomes. Lemon juice is another beneficial drink that will help you a long way.

Concentrated Cider Vinegar

Concentrate 3-4 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drink this liquid regularly to cool down the problem. Make sure you follow this remedy everyday if you are looking for fast results.

Almond Leaves Wonders!

Freshly mashed almond leaves if used on the affected areas of rashes and itching everyday is one of the most advisable grandma’s recipe that you should adhere to.

Rose Water and Lemon Juice

Mix well some rose water and lemon juice together. Make sure that the quantity of both the products is equal. Application of this mixture for half an hour on the skin allergy will soothe the skin as well as give you a cure from rashes and swelling. Wash it off with cold water.

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Sandalwood and Rose Water Blend

Make a smooth paste out of sandalwood powder with the help of some rose water. A 30 minutes application of this paste on the rashes is a great natural cure for the same. Use this paste everyday until you get freedom from the health issue.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel can also be applied to the skin allergy to treat it well and without any side effects. Make sure that the gel is fresh. It will also leave you with a soothing effect.

Use of Ice Cubes

One of the simple ways to get rid of skin allergies and its irritating symptoms is to use ice cubes on it. You can follow this therapy twice everyday for best outcomes.

Herbs Good for Allergies

The herbs that will work wonders on the allergies of the skin include sandalwood, henna, basil leaves, Cassia and Madhuca. Make sure you consult an herbalist about the dose and the application of these herbs on the problem for maximum benefits.

Oatmeal Bisque Ice Cubes

Boil in some oats with a cup of water. Strain the liquid, cool it down and then pour it in a tray and freeze it to make ice cubes of oatmeal bisque. Now use this ice on the allergy for perfect results. However, you will get visible outcomes only if you follow this therapy at least twice daily.

Poppy Seeds and Lime Juice Paste

Finely grind a teaspoon of poppy seeds by using some water. To this paste add some lime juice for dual benefit. Use this paste to get good riddance from skin allergies as fast as possible.

Wash the Affected Areas Regularly

Another natural treatment to take good care of the allergy is to wash it regularly to keep it away from germs and bacteria accumulation. In case of winter season when dryness is one of the major issues, use lukewarm water for the same therapy.

Along with these homemade remedies, some of the tips to prevent skin allergy is to stop changing the cosmetics on a consistent basis, include green leafy and water based vegetables to the diet and wiping the affected area with a clean and antiseptic soaked towel. These simple ideas will definitely give you a reason to smile!